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Hail the King Chapter 896.1

Chapter 896: Polluted Forest (Part One)

“This… what is going on?”

Fei fell into deep thought after experiencing this.

Although this energy came from the corpse of an undead creature, it was surprising that it didn’t contain any evil power. Instead, it was extremely pure.

After it merged into his body, Fei carefully monitored himself and didn’t feel uncomfortable, and nothing strange happened.

That streak of energy successfully merged with the divine power of the Paladin.

Since Fei was powerful and bold, he dared to try to absorb this energy. If it were anyone else, they would have been scared to death. After all, any energy leaking from undead creatures might be highly contagious, and the people who touched it might be turned into undead creatures themselves.

Fei didn’t tell Cain and Akara of his findings yet. Instead, he continued to wipe out all the undead creatures that were turned from animals.

Perhaps these little zombies were too weak. Although Fei could sense the energies in their corpses, these energies were too minuscule; they were shattered by the wind when they leaked out.

Fei tried to pull some masses of energies over to absorb, but nothing changed or happened.

“Why is this?”

In less than half an hour, all the undead creatures in this town were wiped out with a master like Fei present.

In the end, Fei went to the center of the town and used Paladin Skill – [Cleansing]. The vast holy energy dashed in all directions, completely engulfing the entire town.

Soon, everything that the evil power contaminated was purified.

When the group left, the town had restored its former presence. However, dead people and animals couldn’t be revived.

Unfortunately, the group didn’t get any clues as to what caused this incident.

An unnamed pressure appeared over everyone’s head like a dark cloud. Fei had a feeling that this expedition to the Anji Empire wouldn’t be that easy or simple.

After returning to the Xuan’ge, Fei didn’t issue the order to move forward quickly. Instead, he ordered [Black Pearl] and [Cyclops] to glide forward at the minimum speed.

At the same time, the king summoned Undead Mage Hazel Bank who was stationed at Chambord City, asking the latter to quickly come to the Xuan’ge through the long-distance teleportation array on the barge.

Below the Xuan’ge, it was like a sea of green forest.

This was a forest between the Anji Empire and the Dietfurt Empire. Although it wasn’t huge and was smaller than the limitless forests and mountains behind Chambord, a lot of demon beasts lived in it.

When people and merchant caravans wanted to go through it, they had to hire guards and mercenaries to protect them.

Although there weren’t supreme king-level demon beasts in this forest, the chirps of birds and roars of beasts could be heard all the time. But today, the forest was tranquil. Streaks of dark and evil energy surged into the sky, forming many black clouds that weren’t going away anytime soon.

When the Xuan’ge got to this place, Fei ordered the barges to stop moving forward and stay in the sky.

“Such thick dark and evil energy. It is about one-tenth the level of the hell energy at normal places in Diablo World.”

After ordering the Xuan’ge and the soldiers to stay still, Fei dashed down toward the forest with Cain and Akara like a light beam.

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