Chapter 897: Crazy Discovery (Part One)

After failing to identify the source of the evil energy in the forest, the three of them returned to the Xuan’ge in disappointment.

Right now, Undead Mage Hazel Bank had arrived on the Xuan’ge after using the long-distance teleportation array.

Fei didn’t waste any time and returned to the polluted forest with Hazel Bank, Torres, and 100 elite soldiers.

“This… isn’t undead magic?” Hazel Bank concluded after carefully observing the surroundings and running some tests.

As one of the high-level elders of the former Undead Godly Palace, Hazel Bank’s understanding of undead magic on Azeroth Continent had reached another level. His current strength had returned to mid-tier Burning Sun Realm, very close to his previous peak.

He could be counted as among the most knowledgeable undead mages. Since Hazel Bank said so, Fei was sure of his own hypothesis now.

“Such a terrifying and dark energy. It is my first time seeing this. To my knowledge, no document on this continent has ever recorded this type of energy! God! It is unbelievable! It seems like it exists only for murder and destruction!”

Hazel Bank was experienced and wise, but he was still shocked by the terrifying power of this energy.

“Give it a try; see if you can discover anything after killing these demonized and mutated creatures.

Fei asked Hazel Bank, Torres, and the 100 elite soldiers to kill some of the mutated monsters in the forest, but the finding puzzled him even further.

No one was able to detect that type of energy which would leak out of the corpses of the monsters, let alone absorbing it.

“It seems like only I can sense that type of energy. What did I overlook? Or am I unique in any way?” Fei pondered, “What effect will this type of energy have on me after I absorb it? Can I really use it? Also, are all these related to that god which Emperor Kerimov of Anji revealed before his death? Is this god an evil lord from Diablo World?”

Fei decided to figure everything out first.

The expeditionary troop temporarily stayed above this forest that was consumed by the evil and dark power, and everyone on the Xuan’ge was on alert.

Before moving into the Anji Empire, Fei was going to purify this forest completely. Right now, his Paladin character was at Hell Mode level 100. Although this wouldn’t be too difficult of a task, it required two to three days.

Before doing this, Fei used the trained hummingbirds to pass orders to the [Letter Office], asking them to move all manpower in the cities around this forest to investigate the source of the mutation and pollution.

With all that planned, Fei returned to the forest alone.

In front of him was the gloomy and terrifying forest that was full of danger and undead creatures.

Fei took a step forward, and golden energy flames flashed around him. A new set of armor appeared over his white robe, and Fei turned into a great Paladin who was wearing [Corona], [Ornate Armor], and [War Traveler’s Boots]. In one of his hands was [Vortex Shield], and in the other was [Caduceus].

This was the [Griswold’s Legacy] Item Set for Paladins. These were the items that the most honorable Paladin, Griswold, used in Diablo World. Any Paladin with these items would be able to unleash the maximum amount of power.

With a golden, holy light around him, Fei sang the solemn battle prayers and used Paladin Skill – [Cleansing].

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