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Hail the King Chapter 897.2

Chapter 897: Crazy Discovery (Part Two)

An infinite amount of light energy surged out of Fei’s body, expanding in all directions like giant waves. As the center of the light energy, Fei looked like a god who was walking in the mortal world. Wherever he went, the darkness was cleansed, the evil was punished, and the chilliness was dispersed.

Light and hope enveloped this land again.

The power of a Hell Mode level 100 Paladin was unimaginable!

Under the empowerment of the [Griswold’s Legacy] Item Set, Fei’s strength was on par with a demi-god.

This was the first time that Fei unleashed his full strength after he passed Hell Mode Diablo World as his Paladin character.

The vast and holy energy enveloped an area of 50 kilometers around him.

Looking from above, it seemed like a god had appeared on the ground. Streaks of dark energy evaporated from the air like the dark smokes created by flames.

All the mutated demon beasts and plants within the coverage of Fei’s power whined and struggled in pain before quickly dying.

This was Fei’s limit.

These creatures that were controlled by the dark and evil energy had already died. Even though the Paladin was mighty, Fei couldn’t revive them.

The only thing that the king could do was to save their souls and allow them to rest in peace.

The holy and solemn battle prayers resonated throughout the region.

Paladin Skill – [Cleansing] emitted an unlimited amount of divine power as Fei unleashed his full strength, and the vast aura dispersed into the area along with the energy, creating a phenomenon in the sky.

If someone were looking this way from afar, they would vaguely see many holy and perfect angels fluttering their bright, white wings while dancing and singing in the holy light.

This was the illusion that the Paladin Skills could create after they were mastered and used at full strength.

In fact, every one of Fei’s characters from Diablo World would create fancy effects when they were used in the real world. The fancy flames and terrifying power could always create unimaginable phenomena, completely different from the simple and crude visual effects in the original game. The effects in the real world were hundreds of times more stunning compared to the game.

In the sky, everyone on the Xuan’ge was shocked by what they were seeing.

For many of them, this was their first time seeing the king unleash his full strength, and they felt like their minds were hammered. Even Hazel Bank who was a Burning Sun Lord, Fei’s guard Torres, and Cain and Akara who thought they knew Fei well were all surprised to see this, let alone the elite soldiers.

To the people living on the Azeroth Continent, the power that Fei was demonstrating was close to the gods who lived in the Mythical Era. To Cain and Akara, Fei was close to the angels who controlled the power of Heaven and battled against Hell.

None of them knew when the king obtained this forbidden power that could rival gods.

At this moment, they suddenly realized that this man’s power had gone beyond their wildest imaginations! It was unbelievable!

Time quickly passed by.

Just as he had estimated, the king used two full days and finally purified this forest.

Although Fei’s Paladin character was mighty, this process was laborious. Fei used more than 100 bottles of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] to replenish his stamina and mana, and he was still exhausted to the maximum after this was done.

This was equivalent to battling an opponent who was on his level for two full days without sleep!

However, Fei didn’t regret doing this.

The reason was that he discovered something crazy! He couldn’t even believe it at first!

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  1. What did he find? i am curious 😀

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    • Goldenzeal

      my guess is that he is getting experience from doing this. witch is why only he can feel it.

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