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Hail the King Chapter 898.1

Chapter 898: Continued Increase in Power (Part One)

Fei discovered that his strength increased.

After both his Barbarian and Paladin characters reached Hell Mode level 100, Fei had tried many different methods in Diablo World. It didn’t matter how hard he battled; he only obtained some insignificant items. The amount of experience points that his Barbarian and Paladin characters had was hard stuck, not moving forward at all.

As a result, Fei gave up the idea of killing monsters and trying to increase his strength in Diablo World after his characters passed Hell Mode.

Now, after purifying the entire forest, Fei was pleasantly surprised to find that his Paladin character’s strength that hadn’t increased in a long time moved a little, rising by a tiny amount.

Fei was instantly elated.

Soon, he figured out why this was happening.

After killing those undead creatures, the streaks of mystic energies that leaked out of their corpses merged into Fei’s body and helped his strength to grow!

Those streaks of pure energies that didn’t have any attributes perfectly merged with Fei’s Paladin character’s holy power. Without creating any conflicts, those streaks of pure energies turned into holy power and could be controlled by Fei perfectly.

With Fei’s current level, he could sense everything in his body clearly; he would catch even the smallest change without error.

Fei was sure that he wasn’t hallucinating; his strength did increase, even though this increase was minuscule and could be neglected. The level of growth was about one-tenth of that in Diablo World for killing the same number of weak monsters.

“If this holds true, I can still increase my strength without Diablo World as long as I continue to kill these mutated monsters? If the mutated monsters are strong enough, I will get stronger fast?”

This discovery made Fei overjoyed; he discovered a new path.

Soon, he forced himself to calm down.

“The evil energy that mutates living beings is too similar to the power of Hell in Diablo World. Are there any connections between the two? I can obtain experience points by killing monsters and demons in Diablo World, and the increase in the levels of my characters reflected in the growth of my strength in the real world. Likewise, I can kill mutated creatures in the real world and harvest this kind of mysterious energy. Both ways of getting strong are so similar… Could it be…”

Fei felt like a cloud of mist enveloped his mind, and the truths were flashing in the mist like lightning bolts; they were hard for him to catch.

“It seems like the Diablo World isn’t that simple. From now on, I feel like secrets are going to be revealed soon.”

After Fei gathered his thoughts, he didn’t hurry back to the Xuan’ge.

To be on the safe side, Fei ordered [Black Pearl] and [Cyclops] to land in the forest that he just purified. All 1,000 elite soldiers were moved out, doing a complete search from one side of the forest to the other, not leaving any area untouched.

This time, they made some discoveries.

When Captain Jack Sparrow and Little Luffy wandered to a valley in the center of the forest, they discovered a few strange, altar-like structures.

“After the holy power purified the forest, these altars completely lost their functions and effects. However, judging from the patterns and engravings on them, they are magic devices used for summoning. Also, the structures of these devices and magic principles used aren’t popular and well-known on the continent nowadays. In addition, there aren’t any marks on them that signify the passage of time. It seems like they are less than a month old by looking at their appearance.”

Hazel Bank and Cain carefully observed these structures and came to this conclusion.

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  1. Ejaz Ahmed

    from what i understand the diablo world was to make the MC adapt to these changes that was to come in the future. so MC won’t panic like others and get prepared in advance.

    • goldenxman

      The game is just training, I guess diablo world is a real world after completing all character growth he will be send to the real one to save the original people .

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