Chapter 898: Continued Increase in Power (Part Two)

“The area around this valley is the most purified, and the holy elements in this valley are a bit weaker compared to other places. It means that the dark and evil energy was the most intense here, and it canceled out a lot of the power of [Cleansing].” Akara returned from observing the area and reported to Fei, “If I’m not wrong, these damaged magic devices are the source of the pollution. They were the ones that summoned the evil power from the abyss of Hell.”

Fei frowned and said, “Then, this doesn’t make much sense. Why didn’t we discover this place early before I used [Cleansing]? We searched around the forest when we first came. If we discovered this place earlier, we might have been able to get more information and solve the mystery! This is pitiful.”

“It is clear that this valley had been hidden by a type of mystic energy or a unique magic array. When we scanned around with our spirit energies, our spirit energies couldn’t penetrate it or discover its existence. After all, the three of us didn’t walk around the entire forest.” Cain quickly came up with the explanation, and he was disappointed as well.

Just like what the king had said, if they discovered this place before the king purified the entire forest, they might be able to figure out who was behind all this.

“It seems like there is no need for continued searching…”

Just as Fei was about to issue a new command to tell the soldiers to retreat to the Xuan’ge, a streak of faint-red light dashed down from the sky. When it was about 100 meters away from Fei, it turned into a cute and smart bird that was the size of a thumb, and it landed on Fei’s shoulder while chirping.

A hummingbird; it was one of the key components of the information delivery networks of the [Letter Office].

After taking off a delicate storage ring from this bird’s neck, Fei injected a trace of magic energy into the ring with a unique frequency.

He got the intelligence report from it and read it. Then, he said to everyone, “The pollution of the evil energy has spread to the border of the Anji Empire. The evil energy has already invaded the land of Alanians. Also, some evidence shows that the Royal Family of Anji is involved in this terrifying change. Pass my order! Return to the Xuan’ge immediately! Then, we will move forward and pass the forest, entering the Anji Empire as soon as we can!”

-In the northeastern region of the Anji Empire-

This was a plain right beside the forest; it was the land that belonged to Alanians.

The river from the forest supplied the water for irrigation of the land, making this place one of the most famous food-producing areas in the region.

Alanians established the prosperous Alania Empire here 500 years ago, and the brave, perseverant, and peace-loving Alanians left many heroic and tragic stories on the continent.

This fertile land was one of the critical assets of Alanians, and it was also the thing that brought them wars and tragedies. Every few years, a force would wage war against the Alania Empire. This empire literally survived through trials and tribulations.

However, the Alanians’ good luck ended about a year ago.

Its neighbor, the Anji Empire, suddenly rose in power, and it turned its eyes to this piece of fertile land that produced a lot of food.

Under the onslaught of the mighty military of the Anji Empire, the Alanian soldiers were defenseless and got crushed. The Alanian Empire that had been around for about 500 years entered its weakest phrase, and Anjians conquered this old empire in less than two months.

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