Chapter 899: Alanians’ Disaster (Part One)

Although Alanians never stopped resisting, they had to admit that Anjians already controlled this ancient yet fertile land.

About three months ago, it was heard that Emperor Yassin of Zenit killed the vicious and cruel Emperor Kerimov of Anji, and Zenit was going to wage war against Anji. Also, it was rumored that Imperial Martial Saint Alexander of Zenit would be leading an expedition to the Anji Empire. Therefore, the Alanians who were still trying to resist the suppression of Anjians and redeem their honor cheered in excitement, and flames of resistance burned all over this land.

Unfortunately, a sudden catastrophe almost wiped out all the excited Alanians.

Undead Creature Catastrophe!

The terrifying Undead Creature Catastrophe swept across more than half of Alanians’ former land in less than ten days. Millions of Alanians fell into dangerous situations, and they saw their loved ones and friends become murderous and mindless undead creatures under the corrosion of the evil power. Then, those undead creatures ate all the living beings around them.

The pain was unimaginable.

The ruthless Anjians who controlled the region occupied the giant cities that were protected by tall defense walls, using the magic protective arrays to defend against the dark and evil energy. They enjoyed beautiful clothes and good food, and they gloated over Alanians’ misfortune. Also, to prevent the evil energy from spreading to Anjians, they kicked out many Alanian civilians from the cities.

Like always, the sun emitted limitless heat energy, shining on the boundless plain where grass grew. As the wind blew by, the grass seemed like a green wave.

However, this fertile land no longer had its former vitality.

The zombies wandered the plain aimlessly, and they let out meaningless deep roars from time to time.

The rotten smell of corpses permeated the air. Except for zombies, no other moving creatures could be seen on the ground.

The broken corpses could be seen everywhere as if they were piles of haycock made of straws on an autumn day. Also, mutated cats, dogs, and mice with red eyes ran through the corpses and devoured the rotten flesh and broken limbs.

In the sky, many vultures flew over like a herd of dense locusts, covering the sunlight. They screamed in excitement as if they were participating in a grand party. Looking at this scene, these vultures were the only creatures that had control over their bodies.

However, it was clear that if they continued to eat the rotten, black corpses on the ground, they couldn’t escape from the fate of being corroded and turned into undead creatures.

This fertile plain was gradually transforming into Hell in the mortal world.

In this situation, even the gods had to admit that humans have strong persistence and vitality. When they were pushed to the limit, they would be even tougher to kill than cockroaches.

In this Hell-like environment, some Alanians still survived and lived like the mice near the end of the world. They weren’t affected by their loved ones who turned into zombies, and they survived this disaster so far. However, they had to endure the fear of death that could occur at any time, and they lived on for their loved ones who died for them and their race.

-At noon-

Not far from the border between the Dietfurt Empire and the former Alania Empire, there was a messy stone beach.

On the edge of the stone beach, behind a tall bush that was shivering in the wind, a few pairs of bright eyes looked through the tall grass and observed the area while hiding in a little stone cave.

Also, some drooling noises and stomach-growling noises sounded.

Moments later, the stone plate that was used to block the entrance of the small stone cave was pushed out, and three thin kids crawled out.

These three kids were wearing ragged clothes.

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