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Hail the King Chapter 899.2

Chapter 899: Alanians’ Disaster (Part Two)

The kid in the front was a boy who looked to be 15 to 16 years old. His black hair was messy, and dry grass could be seen on it.

Right now, his long robe was full of holes, and many small wounds were on his face. However, his eyes were bright, making him look smart.

He was wearing a pair of deer leather boots that were clearly too big for him, and the top of the boots was tightly tied by strings, making sure that they wouldn’t fall off if he ran.

Like an old hen protecting its small chicks, this black-haired boy protected the two little girls behind him. These two girls were about four to six years old.

“Brother Leo, I’m so hungry.”

“Yeah, Brother Leo. I want to eat roasted duck.”

The two little girls behind black-haired Leo were wearing two dresses that were too large and not fitting for them. These two girls’ skin was whiter than Leo’s, and their blonde, curly hair held some dirt and dry grass.

Under the illumination of the sunshine, they looked like two cute angels. Their pinky cheeks had dirt on them, making them look tired.

Right now, they stood behind Leo timidly.

It was clear that these three kids hadn’t eaten anything in a long time; their lips were dry, and they were staggering a little. The two girls had intense fear in their eyes, and their small bodies shivered none-stop either because they were scared, or they were too hungry.

At the moment, they looked like two frightened bunnies.

After hearing his two sisters’ words, Leo braved up.

He carefully climbed onto a tall rock and looked around.

Seeing that nothing strange was happening, he turned around and said, “Don’t worry, I will go and find food for you right now. Listen to me, alright? Go back to the stone cave and wait for me. If I’m not back, don’t come out or make any noises, got it?”

The little girl named Keeley looked up and grabbed onto Leo’s robe while asking anxiously, “Brother, will you not return after you leave like Mom and Dad? I’m scared!”

The other girl named Dilly also thought of something and tightly grabbed the back of Leo’s robe. She said with tears on her face, “Brother, I’m not hungry anymore. Don’t go. Don’t ditch Keeley and Dilly. Please. If you go, we will be scared. What if those monsters come?”

The boy named Leo bit his lips and acted calm while wiping the tears off his two sisters’ faces. After helping them fix their dresses, he whispered, “Don’t be scared. Keeley and Dilly, you must be brave. I’m only going out to find food; maybe I will find a roasted duck. Just stay in the stone cave, ok? I will come back for sure before it gets dark. Perhaps Mom and Dad will come back as well.”

After encouraging the two little girls, Leo finally got them to return to the stone cave despite their fear. Then, Leo moved a few big pieces of rock to block the entrance, leaving only a small hole for ventilation.  Lastly, he got a handful of dry grass and scattered it around the entrance, hiding the small stone cave even more.

After making sure that the area looked as natural as possible, he bent his back and hid in the tall grass that was to his waist when he was standing before slowly moving forward.

Now, drips of crystal-like tears rolled down the boy’s face, washing some of the dirt off his face and leaving two tear trails.

Unlike his two little sisters who were still little and childish, he knew that their parents who hadn’t returned for two full days must have died in the hands of monsters.

Now, only he could protect his two little sisters.

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  1. Im guessing a new disciple? And those 2 kids will probably die for the sake of him maturing right?

    • Goldenzeal

      i don’t think that would happen because
      1 it already happened before and the same backstory is boring.
      2 they were actually described as “cute angels” and everyone knows that pretty people don’t die unless they are assholes.

  2. Maloya

    Yeah ugly people die first mate

  3. Angel Omar Rocha

    Yes, you´re mistaken Issac, because cute is justice. So the two little girls wont die. At least not in this novel, maybe in others.

    • Fimbulwinter

      Wasn’t little Tina cute as well? :’)

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