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Hail the King Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Thoughts on Strength Improvement

As an absolute show-off, Fei really enjoyed the worship of a plump and vibrant beauty like Charsi. So, when he saw the female blacksmith Charsi’s jaw-dropping expression, he suddenly felt that the splurge was all worth it with a desired return.

So, he unabashedly became excited.

“Hehe, haha, yes, it’s just for you to use for practice, don’t be pressured in the slightest. Even if you waste them all, it’s fine because I have collected a large quantity of these kind of gems. Haha, you just need to give it your all and master the power of the magic iron hammer as fast as possible and improve your forging skill’s level… Hehe, I’m still waiting for the great blacksmith Ms. Charsi to forge powerful magic equipments for me.”

“That… Well, master Fei, I… don’t know what to say… Thank you so much… From now on… for any of your repairs or forging services, I won’t charge you a single coin.” The big chested blacksmith Charsi was completely moved by Fei’s generosity at the moment, and she became a little incoherent and thanked him, “Dear master, you can take your pick of any equipment here.”

Fei was overjoyed.

To be honest, ever since he could enter the second big map in the Diablo world [Lut Gholein], the equipment here at Charsi’s place was a bit behind for Fei. The reason Fei was being this nice to Charsi was because he in fact cared about Charsi as a person —- or to be a bit specific, it was Charsi’s blacksmith identity.

Everything he did before was to win this big chested pretty lady Charsi’s friendship, since a blacksmith that could forge magic equipment, whether it was in the Diablo world or in Azeroth continent’s Chambord city, was a treasure that couldn’t be ignored. Although Charsi right now was just a normal blacksmith, she possessed a mysterious iron hammer, and she was also very talented herself, with limitless future development. Now that she had gained Fei’s support, her future career advancements from an ordinary blacksmith to a forger was not impossible. That way, she would play a vital role in Fei’s future plan.

This is a investment for the future.

The so-called element gems in the Diablo world was priceless and considered as a legendary treasure, but it wasn’t uncommon in the Azeroth continent, otherwise Zola and Luciano, the 3-star power church members wouldn’t be able to get such a large chest of it.

When the two were chatting and smiling, the pretty mercenary Elena already finished packing and waved in the distance. Fei was tight on time, so he said goodbye to Qaxi, turned around and left.

But when he got to Elena, he was shocked.

He had just saw that the beautiful mercenary Elena had not only prepared equipment and weapons, but also carried many other things in big and small bags. There was a black little pot for making rice, refined steel support, some firewood, all sorts of  vegetables and dry meat, and a few pieces of thick tarps for tent-making, tent poles, etc. For easier carrying, Elena even got a white milk cow with yellow patterns from the rogue camp and pulled a medium wooden cart.

More than a dozen beautiful young girls surrounded the wooden cart and stood beside Elena with tears, reluctantly saying goodbye to sister Elena.

“Uh… What are you guys doing?” Fei suddenly had black lines on his head. (TL: it’s like the sticker of a guy with vertical black lines on his head)

“These are things that will come in handy on the journey to [Lut Gholein]…” A petite and lovely little girl used a look used when looking at idiots and towards Fei and said, “The journey crosses numerous mountains and cliffs, as well as the vast desert of death. It is a very dangerous two thousand mile journey, so you guys  probably have to take 2 to 3 months. You can’t be careless on the supply aspect.”

“Yes Master Fei, you must take good care of sister Elena…” The other girls were also concerned and said, “Of course master, you must be careful yourself as well. I heard that Diablo blocked the mountain road, and the journey will be very dangerous and entrenched with countless demons and monsters!”

Fei, “…”

He didn’t have time to explain too much, so reached out and pulled Elena’s slender and jade-like hands, ignoring the others’ blushing expressions and applause. They ran all the way to the front of the boat operator Warriv,  picked the [Go east] option in the dialogue, and then a light flashed, and the blue clothed Warriv suddenly disappeared from the crowd’s attention.

The other people were all stunned.

“So after killing Anderson Keli’er, that most useless man in the encampment Warriv actually obtained such an amazing ability… That’s too amazing; could we go to [Lut Gholein] through him too?”

[Lut Gholein]

Elena curiously checked out this city that only existed in Rogue Encampment’s legend.

However, what made her a little disappointed was that the “Pearl of the desert” city wasn’t as bustling and prosperous as described by the touring journalists, but rather it was filled with a bleak atmosphere. The wind blew with yellow sand, and the magnificent street couldn’t conceal the messy street. There were very few pedestrians, and the few people they occasionally met were dull and lifeless, and even worse than the people at [Rogue Encampment].

However, Fei’s time in the Diablo world was limited, so he didn’t have time for Elena to check out this “Pearl of the Desert” and took her straight out of the city into the wilderness. Going all the way north to trek through the [Rocky Waste], they ultimately found the [Halls of the Dead] located at the [Dry Hills], and then habitually began the endless killings.

The quest this time was to find the [Horadric Cube] inside [Halls of the Dead]’s underground maze.

This incredible cubical box was an indispensable thing to complete other quests. Beside that, to Fei this stone box also had other more important roles, such as synthesizing Azeroth Continent’s high level sorcerer’s stones and other important equipment and supplies.

Countless monsters wandered in the [Halls of the Dead]’s underground maze.

The monsters here were much higher than the Rogue Encampment’s level in both attack and defense, and most of them were all new faces. Some looked like a skeleton called [Revived Souls], some were tanky and burst poisonous mists after death named [zombie], and some looked exactly like the past life Egypt mythology’s death god mummy which had the ability to summon skeletons.

The endless killings continued.

Time flew by during the endless shrill screaming, blood splashing, bone stubble flying, and potions and equipment were constantly dropped.

Just when Fei’s 4 hour time limit was about to come, the two of them finally made their way into the underground maze’s 3rd level, which was only a few chambers away from the biggest boss [Blood Witch the Wild] which kept the [Horadric’s cube].

Fei calculated the time and estimated that he wouldn’t be able to kill the boss before he was forced to leave the Diablo world, so he might as well have stopped right now and used the transportation portal and directly returned to [Lut Gholein]. He found the blue clothed Warriv, chose the [Go west]  option and instantly teleported back to [Rogue Encampment].

He gave the equipment he collected from this killing to Elena to let her take care of it. Then, Fei found a quiet place, traded some portions from the mysterious cold voice, and the time had just ended and he opened the portal and directly left the Diablo world.

Chambord City, King’s Hall.

Fei sat highly on the throne and was rethinking his leveling strategy.

In just 4 hours, the barbarian character finally slowly reached level 21. Fei gave the one skill point to Brutal Strike, and his strength had improved once again.

During this process, Fei begun to realize that after reaching level 20, the exp needed for the character to level was higher and higher, so the leveling process became slower and slower. In the past, 4 hours of time was enough to level up 2 or 3 times, but now 4 hours wasn’t enough to level once, even when he entered higher level maps. His leveling speed was still overwhelmingly reduced, and that meant that Fei’s increase in strength in the real world inevitably became harder and slower.

“Maybe I should change my perspective, temporarily hold off leveling the barbarian character and start leveling the other 6 classes…” This idea flashed in Fei’s mind.

After all, in Diablo, every class had its speciality and had many unique skills, but they all had their own advantages and disadvantages. If Fei could use his knight, priest, druid, necromancer, amazon and rogue to all master the [Rogue Encampment] map and gather all 7 professions’ skills to one to complement each other, then his strength would probably be stronger than just focusing on the barbarian. This could be seen by how one need multiple players of different professions to work together in order to kill bosses, and in the previous battle in Chambord ,there was also an obvious example – during the stone bridge battle, Fei relied on the priest and barbarian skill combo to kill 3-star sword man Langde..

And as Fei also guessed, if he could really beat the [Rogue Encampment] map with the 7 professions, maybe he could get some huge reward from that mysterious voice, and that was more than worth the wait.

Of course,  Fei also thought of other ways.

To the Diablo world’s characters, one’s own strength wasn’t really dependent on one’s level; the quality of equipment was also very important. A powerful set of equipment could enhance a character’s strength significantly, and in a stand-alone game like this, if one want to get good equipment, in addition to the normal monster grinding, buying powerful equipment from NPC merchants was also a great shortcut.

However, the question of where he could obtain such a large amount of gold coins came to his mind.

Fei eventually had his eyes set on the [Horadric’s Cube] and the sorcerer’s stone. Now, Fei needed to get information on something to determine whether his idea was feasible. If it really was as he thought, then Fei could have countless gold coins.

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