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Hail the King Chapter 900.1

Chapter 900: Surviving the Desperate Situation (Part One)

“Mom, Dad, please bless me while the stars are embracing you. I have to find food; I have to help my sisters to survive…” Leo thought to himself while hatred and anger appeared in his eyes, “The damn Anjians caused this disaster.”

Every single Alanian believed that Anjians destroyed the Alania Empire and released the terrifying plague and Undead Creature Catastrophe, trying to use this vicious and cruel method to wipe out the resistance forces of Alania and conquer the wills of Alanians.

“These damn b*stards. Alania will never surrender!”

The boy had some warrior foundations. Although he wasn’t a Star-level Warrior, he was nimble and quick like a smart cat. With high awareness of his surroundings, he moved close to the edge of the forest.

Usually, if people wanted food, they should go to the nearby towns. However, Leo flipped the script and did the opposite, moving toward the edge of the forest where there were fewer people. He knew that in this Undead Creature Catastrophe, most of the residents in the towns turned into zombies. The places with more people in the past were now filled with zombies, and it was more dangerous for him.

Although mutated demon beasts lived in the forest, there were fewer of them near the edge of the forest. Also, not all the animals and beasts in the forest mutated. Some wild animals were living on the edge of the forest. If Leo were lucky and could catch a wild animal, he and his sisters would have enough food for one to two days.

As he got close to the edge of the forest, he paid more attention to his surroundings.

About 500 meters away, four human zombies were wandering around. From their clothes, Leo could tell that they were probably hunters when they were alive. Before they could return home after the hunting trip, they were attacked by mutated creatures and got corroded by the evil energy, turning into zombies themselves.

“Most of the hunters are stronger than normal people, so it is harder for them to be turned into zombies. These people should have been injured on the hunting trip and were weakened. It is quite unlucky for them that they got corroded by the evil energy.”

After surviving in this terrifying environment for a few weeks, Leo had some understanding regarding this Undead Creature Catastrophe. He knew that warriors who were much stronger than normal people had a higher chance of surviving. Of course, didn’t matter how healthy their bodies were, if the undead creatures such as zombies injured them, they were done for.

Leo looked at the knives and sabers on these zombies enviously, and he controlled himself and put away the thought of trying to get them. Although he and his sisters would have a higher chance of surviving if they got weapons, he was currently no match for those hunter zombies since he was hungry and weak.

As long as he kept a long distance of a few hundred meters between him and those zombies, he wouldn’t attract their attention.

After looking around carefully, he picked a few frequent paths for animals and set up some small traps. In the last few months, his father brought him here to hunt small animals such as rabbits and big mice. Therefore, Leo knew how to do all these things.

After finishing all the setup, he started the long wait.

This was the only thing that he could do.

If he didn’t rely on traps, he couldn’t capture any animals in his current state.

Unfortunately, it seemed like Leo’s luck wasn’t that good today. After waiting under the hot sun for two to three hours, he still got nothing.

He licked his dry lips and patted the deerskin leather water flask, and he decided to go and get some water right now; he had to return to the stone cave before night.

At night, the activates of the mutated creatures and zombies would become frantic and aggressive.

With his back bent, he continued to move forward carefully.

The water in the rivers was already polluted and couldn’t be used. Therefore, he had to find some spring water.

Leo knew a hidden spring water source, and the water quality was excellent. In the last few days, he and his sisters survived on it.

This trip took him more than 40 minutes.

Fortunately, he didn’t run into any mutated creatures and zombies.

However, his heart sunk when he returned to the traps. None of the traps harvested anything.

“The sun is going to set in a little over an hour. If I can’t find food before the sunset…” Thinking back to his two little sisters who were hungry and scared in the dark stone cave, Leo got anxious. He knew that he couldn’t wait anymore.

“I need to get closer to the forest. There are more animals there.”

Disregarding his safety, Leo decided to risk it this one time. Otherwise, his two little sisters who were extremely hungry might not last until the next sunrise.

He disassembled the traps and tied them on his waist. Then, he got closer to the edge of the forest cautiously.

There were some small forests about two kilometers away; this was the outer range.

If he moved forward for about ten kilometers, the trees would be much taller, and he would really be at the edge of the big forest.

It was said that the dark and evil energy occupied this forest.

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