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Hail the King Chapter 901.1

Chapter 901: Young God (Part One)

Leo wasn’t sure how long he had fainted, but he slowly woke up from a deep nightmare.

He cried and yelled the names of his mom and dad, and he flipped over and got up.

As a streak of golden light shone over him, he squinted his eyes subconsciously, and an imposing figure appeared in front of him and blocked the eye-piercing light.

This man reached out his hand, wanting to give Leo some help. At the same time, he asked intimately, “You are awake?”

However, the boy suddenly thought of something, and he moved away as if he were electrocuted. As he rolled to the side, he warned loudly, “Don’t, don’t touch me! The mutated demon beast injured me, so I might have that evil energy on me. If you are close to me, you might be corroded by it. I don’t want to harm you…”

“Hahahaha!” A series of laughter sounded, and that friendly voice said, “Good kid, you are a good kid. You thought for others instantly. You’re an honorable Alanian; you have won my friendship.”

“You… who are you? My injuries…” While he spoke, Leo found that all the intense pain that he was sensing was gone. Also, the flesh on his shoulder that was torn off by the level 3 demonic wolf also grew out miraculously. It felt like he was never injured in the first place.

“Alright, you don’t need to look anymore. Little guy, your injuries are all healed,” that friendly voice sounded again. Leo looked up and realized that this young man who was standing by the window was the one who was surrounded and protected by those warriors in white earlier.

“You are?” Leo suddenly thought back to the scene before he fainted and remembered that warm golden energy flame. He instantly understood what had happened, and he asked, “You cured me? You… you can heal the evil energy? How is this possible? Even the priests of the Holy Church can’t do this. You… who are you?”

This handsome and majestic young man waved at him and said with a smile, “Come here and take a look; you will know.”

Leo walked to the window in confusion. When he looked out, he was shocked.

He saw white clouds and rainbows right beside the windows as if he were at a paradise. As the sunlight radiated from above, he saw the vultures flying below.

“Am I… am I in the sky?” Leo thought to himself in astonishment.

“Are we… in the sky?” Leo felt like his brain wasn’t strong enough to handle the information.

“Living in the sky… Is this handsome and friendly young man who is like a big brother in fact a god? Those warriors in white are godly warriors under his command?”

While Leo thought to himself dully, he suddenly realized something and shrilled, “No, I can’t stay here. My sisters… Keeley and Dilly are waiting for me. They… oh god! I can’t stay here any longer. Majestic God, thank you for saving me, but can you put me back into the mortal world? I must find my sisters; they are in a dangerous situation.”

“God? Mortal world?” A strange smile appeared on this white-robed young man’s face. “An interesting little guy. Alright, I will take you down.”

As soon as he said that, Leo sensed that a gush of golden flame engulfed him, and his body became light.

In the next second, he felt a shake with his feet, and he had already stepped on the ground.

Leo opened his eyes wide and looked around, seeing the familiar environment. This was where he encountered danger, and that mutated demonic wolf’s corpse was still nailed on the big rock.

Right now, the sun had already set below the horizon, and darkness started to envelop the land.

Leo was worried about his two little sisters.

Without hesitation, he turned around and thanked this friendly ‘god’ before saying farewell.

However, this handsome young man smiled and said, “You don’t need to thank me so soon. I will go and find your sisters with you.”

Leo was elated.

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  1. OG

    This is a fun little Arc

    • Angel Omar Rocha

      Yes, i too was already tired of the political plot. It´s good to change the view point.

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