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Hail the King Chapter 901.2

Chapter 901: Young God (Part Two)

He was fortunate enough to have this ‘god’ with him. Now, he didn’t need to worry about monsters and zombies that might be on his way back, and he could return to the stone cave as quickly as possible.

Without having to worry about being discovered by monsters, the boy ran toward the stone beach anxiously.

As he expected, he ran into many zombies and mutated demon beasts. However, these beings that were terrifying in Leo’s eyes were as weak as ants to the young ‘god’ behind him. With a casual wave of his hand, those terrifying monsters were turned to dust and disappeared into the air like smoke; they couldn’t fight back at all.

Soon, the two arrived at the stone beach.

Leo joyously got to the stone cave where his two little sisters were hiding. Just as he were about to yell his sisters’ names, he froze as if he were struck by lightning. The few rocks that were blocking the entrance were moved to the side, and it was empty inside; his two little sisters couldn’t be seen.

“Oh god! What is going on? What happened? No!” Leo felt like his head was going to explode.

“Where did my little sisters go? What happened to them?” the boy’s mind turned blank, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Also, he didn’t dare to think further.

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The worst-case scenario made him instantly lose the ability to think, and his legs turned to jelly; he almost collapsed onto the ground.

The friendly young man walked up and held onto Leo’s shoulder so that he wouldn’t fall.

After inspecting the cave and the area around the entrance, he already figured out what happened. He comforted Leo by saying, “Don’t worry. There is no blood around the cave, and there aren’t any marks that show struggles and torn pieces of clothes. It means that they didn’t encounter zombies or mutated demon beasts. Perhaps they walked out themselves, or some people saved them.”

These words were no different than heavenly music to Leo’s ears.

“Right, right, right. You are right.” Leo looked around as well and gradually calmed down. However, he was still feeling a little anxious.

After thinking that his two little sisters who were only about four to five years old might be in danger, he couldn’t stand still, and he looked at the young ‘god’ in front of him with pleading eyes.

“Don’t worry; tell me what your little sisters look like and what they are wearing,” the young ‘god’ asked; he seemed confident.

Leo quickly told this man what his little sisters were wearing and what they looked like.

The young ‘god’ closed his eyes and seemed to be thinking about something.

After a while, as if he found something, he smiled and said, “Don’t worry; your two little sisters are not injured and are doing good. However, they encountered a little trouble. Let’s go; I will take you to them…”

After saying that, he grabbed Leo’s arm, and Leo felt like he was flying as everything flashed by him.

-About ten kilometers away-

On a steep stone hill, a team of about 12 Alanian survivors encountered big trouble.

Hundreds of zombies surrounded the hill that they were standing on, and they could barely fight off the zombies with the terrain advantage.

The men formed a circle and tried to push off the zombies that were climbing the hill, and the women and kids were in the middle.

Two little blonde girls were wearing big dresses, and they were Leo’s sisters, Keeley and Dilly.

The situation was very dangerous.

Finally, the sharp claws of the zombies left a wound on a male Alanian, and he screamed in desperation.

This meant the Grim Reaper targeted him. Perhaps in less than 20 minutes, this injured person would turn into a mindless zombie and attack his peers and friends.

The luck of these survivors seemed to be used up; they were facing death.

More and more zombies sensed the fight on the hill, and they moved over and joined the siege.

Even the red eyes of some mutated demon beasts could be seen in the dark. If this continued, these survivors would be killed by the monsters in less than ten minutes.

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