Chapter 902: Showing Hand in Danger (Part One)

“We have to think of a way! If this continues, we are all going to die!” A burly, middle-aged man shouted as he swung a double-handed sword. He was wearing leather armor and looked like a mercenary, and some vague warrior energy could be seen on him; he was close to becoming a One-Star Warrior.

As the sword danced in his hands, two zombies that were about to climb up the hill were chopped into pieces.

“We need to break open a path and get out as soon as we can. Otherwise, more and more monsters will surround this place in a few minutes. By then, we will all die!” a woman shouted; she had a very sexy figure.

This woman was wearing tight-fitting clothes and held two sharp daggers in her hands. The daggers moved around swiftly, and it was clear that she was going with the agile and nimble combat style.

Every time she moved, one of her daggers would penetrate the head of a zombie.

Although she wasn’t as explosive and robust as that man who was using the double-handed sword, she had immense combat experience, and she killed more zombies at an even faster speed.

At this moment, two young men had been injured, and they were moved to the center of the stone hill. They looked desperate since they weren’t far from death.

One of them shouted at their peers and asked them to kill him right now. No one wanted to become a monster and get their souls controlled by the evil energy, unable to rest in peace after death.

The other person was shaking in fear with his head lowered, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

“Damn it! This is all because of these two damn little girls! Anna, I already told you that we shouldn’t take these two kids with us! They are only burdens! Now, we are getting dragged down. If these two kids listened to us and didn’t cry and yell that they want to find their damn big brother, the herds of zombies in the area wouldn’t be triggered.” During the battle, a young man complained while standing behind others with a poorly-made magic wand in his hand. After a long while, he barely shot out a wind blade.

“It is already this urgent; why are you still complaining?” the muscular man who was swinging his sword scolded the mage.

In fact, this white-faced mage was the burden amongst the team. In the beginning, this team of survivors thought that with this mage joining them, he would bring them more safety. However, the truth was completely the opposite. This mage wasn’t that good at magic spells, and he was not so virtuous as well. When the team was battling monsters, he never used his full strength. However, when it was the turn to divide food, he always took more. In addition, he was mean and liked to point out others’ shortcomings, and he felt superior as a mage even though his combat strength wasn’t even higher than a stronger ordinary young man.

“Ok, Mono, if you think they are burdens, you can leave on your own.” The sexy woman named Anna was the temporary leader of this team, and it was clear that she wasn’t happy with this mage named Mono who always saved his strength. As she pierced the head of a zombie with one of her daggers, she looked back and shouted coldly while her brown ponytail swung in the air, “I already said that I would save every survivor I see; they have the Alanian Bloodline in them. These two little girls are no different.”

“You make it sound easy, but how can I leave now?”

Young Mage Mono was a little afraid of Anna. Rather than refuting, he quietly murmured to himself.

He wasn’t going to use all his strength and exhaust himself. Instead, he went back to casting magic spells casually and saved his energy. When no one paid attention to him, he opened the only magic item on him, a [Float Spell Scroll]. Streaks of green flames appeared around the scroll, and they soon engulfed this young man. This man’s feet already left the ground as he floated into the air.

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