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Hail the King Chapter 902.2

Chapter 902: Showing Hand in Danger (Part Two)

“Quick and shot wind blades… Huh? Mono, what the f*ck are you doing?” That muscular mercenary who was fending off the zombies didn’t get any help from wind blades for a while, so he turned around and saw this scene. After a quick pause, he started cussing, “You are going to escape now? Coward! You also took away our food…”

After this cowardice mage used his magic scroll, he secretly grabbed all the food and clean water of the team.

In just a few seconds, Mono was already more than ten meters above the ground.

“Hahaha, you poor bugs won’t live on anymore. It is better to leave them all to me.” The young mage’s expression looked wicked, and he already decided to break off from the team. Therefore, he shouted back at that mercenary loudly.



“Weak b*tch!”

This scene made everyone in the team shout in anger. The betrayal of their peer and being surrounded by many monsters made the feeling of desperation spread in people’s minds.

For a moment, they made a series of mistakes and coordinated poorly. As a result, two more people were injured by zombies. Even the sexy Captain Anna was injured; a zombie left a long scratch on her thigh.

With this opening, the herd of zombies swarmed up and rushed onto the hill.

A bit further away, a few mutated demon beasts dashed through the large herd of zombies; unwilling to wait any longer, they struck like lightning bolts.

Compared to mindless zombies, these mutated demon beasts had low-level intelligence, and they kept their animal instinct. They knew that if they didn’t make a move right now, the ‘meat’ in front of them was going to be divided by the zombies.

“Done! We are done!” that muscular, middle-aged mercenary cried in desperation. With the team’s current combat force, this situation was done.

In the center of the team, the two blonde little girls were terrified, and they cried and shouted, “Brother Leo!”

In the sky, Mage Mono already floated more than 20 meters off the ground, and he was absolutely safe and no longer afraid of the zombies and mutated demon beast.

Seeing the struggling people on the ground, he got a little excited and sensed an unnamed pleasure.

Suddenly, the zombies in the back of the herd reacted to something, and it was strange and unexpected.

Mage Mono looked up, and his expression froze.

Since he was more than 20 meters in the air, he had a better view of the area.

About 1,000 meters away, a dashing and ethereal white figure appeared, and he moved forward in the herd of zombies casually as if he were walking in a park. A pentagram-shaped light flashed below this figure in a seemingly slow yet fast rhythm.

Every time that light flashed, a large group of zombies and mutated demon beasts fell to the ground like the crops under the sickles of farmers.

This white figure seemed to be moving forward slowly, but he covered more than 500 meters in a few blinks of the eye. The sea-like zombies and mutated demon beasts couldn’t stop him one bit; he looked like a god who was walking in the mortal world.

Mage Mono was shocked, and his lips felt dry.

This was the first time that he saw someone walking in a big herd of undead creatures this easily.

“Could it be that this mysterious young man in white reached the legendary Moon-Class?”

When this man got closer, Mono saw that behind this dashing white figure, there was a boy who was about 14 to 15 years old.

This boy’s clothes were ragged, and he was wearing a pair of deerskin leather boots that was too large for him, making him look a little ridiculous.

The pentagram-shaped light that was flashing under the feet of the man in white didn’t injure this boy, and this boy was brought along by a powerful force and moved at the same speed as the man in white.

In a flash, this strange pair already got to the foot of the stone hill.

Now, the team of Alanian survivors who felt desperate on the top of the hill also realized what was going on, and they gaped as they looked at this white-robed, god-like figure.

This young man in white was about 20 years old, and he looked handsome and gentle.

Even though he had the majestic presence of a top-level decision maker, his faint smile made him look friendly.

The two opposing temperaments perfectly merged on this young man.

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