Chapter 903: I’m King Alexander (Part One)

In just a few seconds, the noisy and messy wilderness instantly quieted down. The 500 or so zombies and dozens of mutated demon beasts were supposed to be terrifying killers in others’ eyes, but they were easily crushed at this moment.

The zombies and mutated demon beasts were scorched, and streaks of black smoke came off them.  Without exception, they fell onto the ground. The white-robed young man who caused this didn’t even move his hands.

Moonlight, chilly breeze, dry grass… All of these seemed unreal in the eyes of people like Anna.

“We are saved… easily like this?” they thought to themselves.

Happiness came so fast that they couldn’t even savor its taste.

“Ah, Keeley, Dilly! You are here?”

At this moment, the anxious boy rushed out from behind the white-robed young man, and he shouted in surprise.

Leo’s heart finally dropped back down into his chest when he saw the two little blonde girls who looked scared and helpless on the hill, and he rushed out while thanking the young man in white and his mom and dad who were now probably with the stars for blessing him.

Now knowing that his little sisters were still alive, the boy felt like his world became colorful and lively again.

On the other hand, the Alanian survivors such as Anna all stared at the handsome young man in white who was now at the foot of the hill.

They felt like they were dreaming, and they thought, “This young man looks handsome like the legendary elves, but his strength is as powerful as dragons. Who is he? Where is he from?”

Even Anna, who was sexy and proud, felt inferior when facing this young man in white.

At this moment, a black shadow suddenly dashed out on the side behind the young man in white, and it looked like a flash of black lightning in the darkness. However, the young man in white didn’t seem to detect the imminent danger.

“Be careful…” Anna and others were shocked, and they couldn’t help but warn this young man.

This was a mutated level 3 demonic viper, and it was cunning. It was hiding in the rocks a bit further away, and it suddenly sneak-attacked, catching these people off-guard. With its mouth wide open, it tried to devour this young man in white while black poisonous liquid dripped down its jaw.

When this viper was close to being within ten meters of this young man, the latter didn’t do anything, but the white, pentagram-shaped light flashed below his feet.


Even though no overbearing aura appeared, the black viper was struck by an invisible lightning bolt, and it froze in the air for a few seconds before turning into a piece of heated black coal.

Crack! Then, it fell to the ground and smashed into pieces.

“Hiss…” The Alanian survivors all gasped. With their mouths wide open, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

A level 3 demon beast was equivalent to a Three-Star Warrior or a Three-Star Mage. After the mutation caused by the evil energy, this viper’s strength increased and was probably close to a mid-tier level 4 demon beast. If it appeared earlier, the team of Alanian survivors would have all died. But now, it was easily killed by this young man in white like a weak chicken.

“How… how powerful is he?” the survivors thought to themselves.

This little incident stunned all the Alanian survivors here.

For a moment, no one dared to speak since they were afraid of displeasing this master.

On the other hand, after comforting his two little sisters, Leo walked to the young man in white while holding his little sisters’ hands. Just as he was about to bow, the young man in white slightly raised his hand, and a streak of energy rushed out and stopped him.

“You… Sir… Master… you are?”

Finally, the sexy captain of this team of survivors opened her mouth and asked.

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