Chapter 903: I’m King Alexander (Part Two)

Perhaps she was really nervous in front of such a master, Anna changed how she addressed this young man several times, and she finally got a sentence out while stuttering; this was far from her usual image of a cold and concise female warrior.

The young man in white smiled and didn’t answer right away. Instead, he took a step forward.

While everyone felt like their vision blurred, this young man already appeared on top of the stone hill and stood by the injured people.

He said softly, “Let’s me heal you guys first.”

After saying that, he lightly wiped his hands over the wounds on the injured people, and a cloud of holy, golden energy flames flashed.

When his hands left the wounds, the injured people who were waiting for their death shivered in excitement. They discovered that the wounds on their bodies had healed, and the purplish-black death energy, which was spreading in their blood vessels, had disappeared entirely.

“You… can heal this type of injury? How is this possible? Even the priests of the Holy Church can’t heal… you…. This… could it be that you are a god from Heaven?”

All the Alanians were stunned; this was the first time that they saw someone heal the injuries caused by the undead creatures.

“He is a god from Heaven! I saw it with my own eyes! I was brought to the sky earlier…” Leo said proudly. Since he was afraid that others wouldn’t believe him, he told them about his encounter, swearing that he had been to Heaven.

Now, the Alanian survivors looked at the young man in white differently.

Those men who were injured by zombies and healed by this young man in white had walked on the verge of death, and they instantly kneeled to thank the ‘god’.

The sexy Anna and that burly mercenary who used the double-handed sword were doubtful at first, but now they looked at this young man in white with respect. Anna was going to single-kneel and express her gratitude, but the injury at her inner thigh got pulled, and she gasped in pain and frowned.

Since she was distracted earlier when that mage tried to escape, Anna was injured, and the location of the injury was embarrassing. Her tight-fitting leather leggings got torn, revealing her black underwear and white, smooth skin at the top of her inner thing.

Her gasp pulled over others’ attention, and almost all the men swallowed their saliva subconsciously seeing this alluring scene.

The young man in white saw this, and he flicked his finger. A streak of golden flames dashed into Anna’s injury, turning into waves of heat energy. Those three deep scratches on her thigh healed at visible speed, and the smooth and pinkish-white skin grew in a few seconds. As if she were reborn, no one could tell that she was injured earlier.

However, the image of her thigh now looked even more alluring.

The young man in white waved his hand, and a white warrior robe appeared. Then, he handed it to Anna.

“Thank you.” The female warrior took the robe and put it on. The white robe was loose, but it still couldn’t hide her sexy figure. Instead, it gave her a sense of mystery and added to her alluring beauty.

After this series of actions, the Alanian survivors gradually calmed down and realized that this young man in white wasn’t a haughty god but probably a powerful, unparalleled master.

“Honorable Master, thank you for saving us. Please tell us your name; we Alanians will forever remember your gratitude.” They all kneeled and proclaimed loudly.

“Please get up. I’m King Alexander,” the young man in white didn’t hesitate and said casually.

“Alexander? Alexander… Ah, are you King Alexander, the Imperial Martial Saint of Zenit, the King of Chambord, and the No.1 Young Master of the Northern Region?”

Anna and her peers almost screamed. They knew that this handsome young man probably had a great background, but they weren’t anticipating this!

King Alexander of Chambord was the most famous person in the Northern Region of Azeroth now; almost everyone in the region had heard of his name.

As a result, the Alanian survivors were surprised that he appeared in front of them, and they got the chance to see him at such a close distance.

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