Chapter 905: Survivor’s Fortune (Part One)

Anna expressed the question on everyone else’ mind.

At this moment, all the Alanian survivors held their breath, and their hearts were in their throats, afraid that they heard it wrong and wanted to confirm it by hearing Fei’s words again.

“King Alexander of Chambord is an unparalleled master who might be able to kill gods. If he is willing to travel with us, he will protect us,” they thought to themselves.

Without a doubt, their safety would be guaranteed with Fei close by, and this dangerous trip would almost become a vacation.

“Of course, if you guys welcome us.”

Fei’s response made all the Alanian survivors feel elated.

They cheered and thanked Fei for taking care of them, and a few young men ran to the top of the stone hill and roared. Now that they no longer had to worry about triggering the mutated demon beasts and zombies in the area, they wanted to vent their frustration and anxiety.

In the last while, they had to hide and travel carefully, and they were all under enormous pressure. Now, all the negative emotions were vented after they roared.

As if sunlight shined on the land after missing for an eternity, and the tragedy started to leave, smiles that hadn’t appeared on their faces for a long time showed again, and they all felt like they had won the lottery.

Now, the Alanian survivors all relaxed, and the fatigue that they accrued from the intense battle started to overload their nerves like waves of the ocean. Even that burly, middle-aged mercenary named Edward was so tired that he could barely move.

After talking and carefully getting Fei’s permission, this team of Alanian survivors camped on the stone hill and planned to pass this long but not so chilly night here.

Since they didn’t have to worry about being surrounded and sieged by zombies, the young people lit up campfires on the stone hill, lighting up the sky and the excited and joyous faces of these Alanians.

This was the first night that they could relax and get a sound night’s sleep ever since the Undead Creature Catastrophe occurred.

On the other hand, Fei quietly contacted the Xuan’ge.

After a little over ten minutes, Torres quickly came over with ten elite soldiers of Chambord, bringing a lot of food and clean water onto the stone hill.

The team of Alanian survivors wasn’t that surprised about Torres and the soldiers’ arrival. After all, the King of Chambord’s strength was beyond their imaginations, and this man was a prestigious king. It was very reasonable to have mighty guards around him.

These Alanian survivors were lucky that they ran into the king; they were able to enjoy their first delicious meal since the beginning of their survival journey. Even Anna, who looked cold, ate a lot of food; she almost devoured her tongue.

The two little girls, Keeley and Dilly, didn’t know much and chuckled after seeing that.

Before noon of the next day, the number of people in the team of survivors increased.

While Fei and the team of survivors traveled south, they ran into another group of Alanian survivors that was in a bad situation.

It was a team comprised of two women and four children. This team was very lucky; the members were all extremely fragile, yet they didn’t die in the dangerous environment. It was quite surprising.

The sexy Anna looked cold on the outside but was very passionate and caring on the inside. After getting Fei’s permission, she took these poor survivors into her team.

One of the survivors was a one-year-old baby. He was having a serious fever and on the verge of death. His mom was a young woman who was about 21 or 22 years old, and she couldn’t stop crying for her child and looked lost. It was a tragic scene.

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