Chapter 906: Before Marton City (Part One)

The night got darker as time passed by.

When it was midnight, the survivors who had been training diligently entered their simple and crude tents to rest.

Since they still had to travel the next day, they had to replenish their stamina for tomorrow after a day of rigorous training.

Team Leader Anna and Team Leader Edward who were patrolling the area seemed to have encountered a difficulty. After chatting amongst themselves, Anna hesitated a little and walked over to Fei. She said respectfully, “Honorable and generous Majesty of Chambord…”

Fei waved his hand and said with a smile, “Just talk to me directly; you don’t need to add so many praising words. I’m only the king to Chambordians, and we are friends. You don’t need to speak like that with friends.”

“Yes, Your Majesty… Eh, no… I’m here to report to you. If we continue with this speed tomorrow, we will reach the territory of Marton City by the evening, and we might be attacked by the defense force of the Anji Empire. Should we change the path and avoid this city?”

“Marton City?” Fei slightly squinted his eyes.

Chambord already had all the information on the important towns in the former Alania Empire.

Marton City was a city in the northern region of the former Alania Empire, and it was the closest to the border forest. It was a prosperous city for the trade on the border, and it had a population of about 100,000 people. After the Anjians invaded, they occupied the city and stationed one full legion of soldiers here, and it was well-guarded.

However, no one knew what was happening now inside Marton City after the appearance of the evil energy of Hell. Typically speaking, a catastrophe like the ‘zombie apocalypse’ would be more severe in places with denser populations. Perhaps, Marton City was now already a paradise for undead creatures.

[Black Pearl] was now hovering about 10,000 meters above the campsite. Since it was high in the sky, and the semi-godly runes helped it achieve invisibility, ordinary people couldn’t see it.

In fact, [Black Pearl] had been following the team and Fei for the last while.

On the other hand, [Cyclops] was ordered to move forward first to detect the situation. Fei was sure that in a little while, he would receive information about Marton City.

Without hesitation, Fei made the decision, and he said, “We don’t need to bypass it. We can take this opportunity to go and check out the city. Perhaps the evil energy hasn’t reached Marton City yet. The tall city walls might be able to help the residents of the city to block out the zombies and the mutated demon beasts.”

“Ok, we will go and prepare for it.”

Anna and Edward treated Fei’s words as unquestionable commands, and they went to prepare without hesitation.

In reality, Anna and Edward also wanted to go and check out Marton City. It was one of the big cities of the Alania Empire. Although Anjians had occupied it, there were still a ton of Alanians in there. They hoped that their peers inside the city were protected by the city walls and survived until now.

Nothing else happened that night.

On the second day, many Alanian survivors woke up before sunrise, and they started to practice and train. When the sun rose above the horizon, the team packed up and slowly moved forward.

They encountered more and more zombies and mutated demon beasts. It was fortunate for the Alanian survivors that Fei and the warriors of Chambord such as Torres were with them, and these people easily took care of these monsters. Otherwise, although people like Anna and Edward experienced increases in their strengths, they couldn’t save everyone and might be killed by the monsters themselves.

Until now, Fei hadn’t seen any evolution or advancement in the zombies.

Seeing these Chambordians killing zombies like cutting vegetables, the Alanian survivors all looked envious. If the Alania Empire had such mighty warriors, it wouldn’t have been conquered by Anji in less than a month.

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