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Hail the King Chapter 906.2

Chapter 906: Before Marton City (Part Two)

Especially the King of Chambord; his power was on another level. No one saw him making any moves, but the zombies and powerful mutated demon beasts were all scorched and turned into coal when they got within 1,000 meters of him.

While the team continued traveling south, they met many other survivors.

By sunset, the team already had more than 100 people. Still, half of the team members were female, and there were more than ten kids. Although the number of people in the team increased, the combat strength of the team decreased. Anna and Edward had to organize everyone and assign several young men with the duty of helping seniors and children.

When the sky got dark, this team of survivors finally reached Marton City.

Standing on a tall hill, they could see the giant city that was built beside a river. The dark-red city walls made it look like a giant beast that was squatting on the green plain, and the flags of the Anji Empire fluttered in the wind. Many zombies had surrounded the city like the seawater around an island, and they screamed and slammed their hands on the city walls, trying to break through. However, the city walls that were more than 20 meters tall were something that the zombies couldn’t overcome.

“This scene… looks like one from Resident Evil.”

Fei felt like everything was becoming more and more similar to the movie, Resident Evil. He wondered if there were also a mysterious ‘Umbrella Corporation’ behind this catastrophe, controlling everything.

“Move forward and keep up the guard.”

Since the team was prepared to enter Marton City, they had to do it before the sky turned pitch-black. Although there were many zombies, they were all at the lowest level, and they were nothing in Fei’s eyes. Even though he had to protect more than 100 weak people, it wasn’t challenging for the king.

The group of people moved forward slowly.

When they were about 2,000 meters away from Marton City, the zombies that had surrounded the city sensed something, and a fraction of them turned around and dashed toward the group while screaming viciously as if they were demons that saw the most delicious meat.

“Guys, don’t panic! Gather together but don’t get too crowded!”

Anna shouted and tried to maintain order. Facing so many zombies, even she was a little anxious, let alone the ordinary survivors. Therefore, the team got a little messy.

In a flash, the herds of zombies rushed over and engulfed this small team of survivors.

-Further away on the northern defense wall of Marton City-

“Huh? There is more activity outside the city? Haha! Quick! Come over and have a look! The show is starting! Hehehe, how many Alanian pigs are going to feed themselves to the zombies this time?”

A soldier of Anji who was napping while leaning against a battlement heard the noises outside the city, and he turned around and looked down while calling out to his peers. Excitement couldn’t be hidden from his face, and it looked like he discovered something funny.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. There are quite a few of them. Now that I think about it, a little more than 1,000 Alanian pigs have tried to get into the city, but they were all eaten by the zombies outside the city, right?” another soldier laughed with a gloating expression, and it looked like he was watching a show.

“More! Including the Alanian pigs who were thrown out of the city, there are at least 3,000 to 4,000 people. Hehe, guarding this city is quite boring. Although we don’t need to worry about these evil creatures rushing in, we can only get some entertainment through this every day.”

“Hahaha! Old rules! Let’s bet and see how long these Alanian pigs can last!”

“I bet one gold coin! Less than ten minutes!”

“Hahaha! There seems to be more pigs this time. I bet three gold coins! More than ten minutes!”

“I bet three gold coins…”

“Hahaha! Dirty pigs! Use your low lives and sweet blood to entertain your Anjian granddaddies! Hahaha!”

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