Chapter 907: Bloody Defense Wall (Part One)

It seemed like the Anjian soldiers were already used to the scene outside the defense wall. Also, they weren’t afraid of the undead creatures and monsters that terrified most of the humans on the continent. Instead, as if they were watching a show, they were excited and even started a bet. It seemed like everything was within their control.

“You… bunch… of demons. None of you… will end well…” A series of choppy and stuttering curses weakly sounded by them.

“Huh? You are still not dead yet?”

More than several figures were hung on the watchtower on the defense wall. Large iron hooks penetrated their shoulder blades, and they were hung in the air like fish that was being air-dried. It was a torturous experience, and the pain was unimaginable.

Out of the eight figures, seven of them already turned into corpses due to the continuous bleeding and intense pain, and only one tall person still had one last breath in him.

At this moment, he woke up from fainting, and he struggled and cussed when seeing the excited soldiers of Anji.

These people were all the warriors in the Alanian rebellion force in Marton City. After Anjians captured them, they were tortured and hung on the defense wall alive, used by Anjians as deterrents to warn other Alanians. They had been hung here for six days, and this only survivor’s name was Charles Adam.

Charles Adam was a Two-Star Warrior and one of the leaders in the rebellion force. Although his warrior energy was destroyed, his body was tougher than others, and that was the only reason that he was still alive.

In the last six days, Adam had witnessed 21 tragic incidents in his limited waking hours after the intense pain knocked him out, leaving him unconscious. Those Alanian survivors from the region got to the outside of Marton City and begged Anjians to let them in, but they were all shut out. In fact, some of the cruel Anjian soldiers treated them as live targets and practiced their archery skills on these people. Then, as more and more zombies gathered around the city, the Alanian survivors, who came here and tried to be protected in the city, had to fight with the zombies, becoming the new entertainment for Anjians.

These people were crueler and more devilish than zombies. They treated these inhumane things like entertainment and never got tired of it.

“You… you b*stards… the gods will condemn you…” Adam endured intense pain and cursed.

“Huh? It seems like you aren’t feeling any pain; you still have the energy to curse.” An Anjian soldier rolled his eyes and walked to the watchtower. Then, he grabbed one of Adam’s feet that was in mid-air and pulled on it forcefully.

“Ah!” Even though Adam was a strong-willed, tough man, he screamed in pain uncontrollably.

The iron hooks penetrated his shoulders and got locked inside his body. His flesh grew around the hooks, and his blood dried on them. Also, white worms were wriggling around his wounds right now.

After being pulled, the wounds got torn open again. The injuries got worse, and blood flowed down his body rapidly. Even his shoulder blades were showing, and he fainted again.

“Hahaha…” the Anjian soldiers around the watchtower laughed in excitement.

-At this moment-

“Five minutes are about to pass. Guess who will win the bet? Huh? What is that? Oh god! What is happening?” Just as an Anjian soldier was about to say something, he suddenly pointed outside the defense wall and screamed on top of his lungs, sounding like a woman who successfully caught her man cheating.

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