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Hail the King Chapter 907.2

Chapter 907: Bloody Defense Wall (Part Two)

The other soldiers looked in the direction that he was pointing, and they gaped instantly. Their mouths were open so wide that a giant dragon egg could fit through.

While they were distracted by Adam, they forgot to pay attention to the team of Alanian survivors outside the city. They weren’t sure when, but the thousands of zombies outside the city were wiped out; not a single zombie was spared.

All the zombies were turned into charcoal, and they fell to the ground.

The team of Alanian survivors already got to the city gate without any injuries.

“Open the gate,” a sexy female warrior shouted.

The Anjian soldiers on the defense wall were stunned, and they looked at each other, not sure what to do.

Until now, they still didn’t know what they missed out on, and they had no idea how those zombies were taken out. After looking down, they saw a little over 100 people, and most of them in ragged clothes. Women and children made up more than half of the team, and even the young men looked terrible; it didn’t seem like there were masters among them.

“Shoot! Quick! Shoot arrows and kill them!”

The team commander on the defense wall instinctively sensed threats from this team of Alanian survivors outside the city, and he instantly gave the same order when he sensed danger; he didn’t even think it through twice before issuing the order of attack.

There were many reasons for the rise of the Anji Empire. Except for some mysterious factors, the power of its military was vital. Therefore, although these soldiers looked orderless and lazy, they quickly reacted. As soon as the commander issued the order, arrows dashed down the defense wall like raindrops in a storm. Then, loud warning bells resonated on the defense wall. The soundwaves expanded in all directions, and the people in the city heard them clearly.

Suddenly, a golden screen appeared. With Fei being in the center, the golden screen protected everyone inside.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

The sharp, howling arrows were all blocked before falling to the ground powerlessly.

“This welcome isn’t too friendly. It seems like Anjians aren’t interested in sitting down and talking.”

Fei lightly pushed his hand forward, and the iron gate that weighed more than several tons and could only be opened by the complex gear mechanisms moved.


Like a light wooden door that wasn’t locked and was placed in the wind, the iron gate slowly opened on its own, revealing the Anjian soldiers who were preparing their defense and were now stunned.

Just as Fei was about to lead the team into the city, he suddenly sensed something, and he said to Torres behind him, “Take them into the city first.”

Then, he dashed upward and appeared on top of the defense wall that was more than 20 meters tall.

Fei glanced through the seven corpses that were hanging off the watchtower and finally looked at Charles Adam, who was on the verge of death.

With Fei’s experience and sight, he could tell that this muscular man was once a Two-Star Warrior, but his strength was destroyed. Although this man wasn’t dead yet, he was one breath away.

From his clothes and dressing style, Fei knew that he was an Alanian.

“What kind of power allowed him to last so long under such torture?” Seeing the horrifying wounds and the white worms on them, Fei was a little stunned. If this man didn’t have a strong will and tough mental power, he couldn’t have survived until now.

Fei was shocked.

This man was a real man made of iron!

The king raised his hand, and a soft energy gushed out and lifted Adam.


At the same time, the iron hooks that were connected to his shoulders were chopped off, and they didn’t even vibrate.

Adam’s injuries were too severe. Therefore, even a powerful master like Fei had to be careful, afraid that he might affect the wounds and intensify them.

At this moment, this tough man who was unconscious seemed to have detected something, and his strong willpower allowed him to open his eyes and wake up by force.

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