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Hail the King Chapter 908.1

Chapter 908: Chaotic City (Part One)

“Don’t move.” Fei lightly pressed his hand down on Charles Adam who struggled to stand up. Golden energy flames burned on the king’s right hand, and the holy power of the Paladin flowed into this tough man’s body through the wounds, carefully healing his injuries.

This man’s body was in a devastating state. Even with Fei’s strength, he had to do the healing slowly and cautiously.

As time passed by, the two iron hooks that were in Adam’s body and almost grew together with his muscles were slowly ‘squeezed’ out; it was clear that a mysterious force was pulling on them.

A small amount of blood flowed down from the injuries, and some flesh was dragged out along with wriggling white worms. Even though the smell of blood permeated the air, and this process looked shocking and painful, Adam was engulfed by Fei’s immense holy power, and he didn’t feel any pain.

Soon, the Anjian soldiers around the watchtower woke up from the shock and figured out that this stranger was an enemy and not a friend. However, they were shocked by Fei’s god-like power, and they didn’t dare to attack. With their weapons drawn, they formed a big circle and surrounded Fei and Adam in the center.

“Reckless! Where did this pig come from? How dare you barge into Marton City which is under our Anji Empire’s control?”

Quickly, a roar sounded from afar, and a beam of red light dashed toward the city gate and resonated with heat energy, looking like a meteor. In the blink of an eye, this light got close and hovered above the watchtower.

This man was a mighty fire-elemental warrior, and he was very close to advancing into the Moon-Class Realm. He was engulfed in the red burning flames, and he understood what was happening in the air.

After a roar, he struck down at Fei’s back.


A vicious and aggressive fire dragon dashed out of this Anjian master’s palm, and it shot toward Fei’s back with heat energy that was enough to melt iron and gold.

“It is Mr. Perth…”

“Hahaha! Mr. Perth is here. These damn Alanian pigs! They are all dead!”

The Anjian soldiers on the defense wall all cheered; it was clear that they were confident in this master named Perth, and they relaxed while quickly backing off. These soldiers were experienced, and they knew the terrifying power of the fire dragon; they didn’t want to stand close and be injured for no reason.

However, what happened next shocked the Anjian soldiers who had their confidence restored, and their bodies turned cold.

With their eyes wide open, they observed the following scene.

That white-robed young man who was focusing on healing Adam didn’t even turn around. In fact, he didn’t even try to dodge or pause healing for a second to counterattack. However, when that fire dragon was about to touch his back, this young man turned around and looked at it.

No one could describe what that glance was like.

However, that glance turned everything around in an unimaginable fashion. The fire dragon that could destroy half of the defense wall seemed like a little mouse that saw a giant dragon; it whined in fear and instantly disappeared!

That wasn’t the end of it!

The master of Anji, Perth, was also severely injured. This general who was invincible in the eyes of the ordinary soldiers spat out a mouthful of blood when the fire dragon disappeared, and his face paled. He directly fell out of the sky and smashed onto the defense wall like a dead animal before fainting.

Now, even an idiot would know how powerful this black-haired young man was.


This word appeared in the head of every Anjian soldier.

For a moment, the Anjian soldiers who were fearless in dangerous situations felt a chill rushing down their spines, going from their skulls into their butt and freezing them on the spot.

Their fear of an unrivaled master made them want to turn around and escape, but their training and soldiers’ instinct made them stay.

However, there was no way that they could attack Fei.

Suddenly, a series of shouts and roars sounded below the defense wall.

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