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Hail the King Chapter 909.1

Chapter 909: Combat Style of Warriors of Chambord (Part One)

“Marton City is too chaotic; it is clear that some people are trying to rob from others and commit crimes while chaos is taking place. After all, chaos is the most fertile soil for crime. We must stop this! If this continues, this great city would be destroyed before the war is over. Is there a way that you can contact the Alanians inside the city?” Fei frowned and asked Adam while looking at the burning flames in the city that seemed like blooming poppy flowers.

“Not a problem! I was one of the leaders of the resistance force.” Adam revealed his identity and said confidently, “I think I can organize people and keep the Alanians inside the city in check, helping to relieve the chaotic situation.”

“Great. Then, go ahead and do that. In terms of the Anjian soldiers… leave them to us Chambordians,” Fei said and nodded.

“Chambordian? Huh? You are…. King Alexander of Chambord?”

Since he became one of the leaders of the Alanian resistance force, Adam wasn’t dumb, and he got more news compared to the ordinary people.

Of course, he knew that the Zenit Empire had waged war against the Anji Empire, and the leader of the expedition troop was King Alexander of Chambord, one of the two unrivaled masters of the Northern Region; the other one was Emperor Yassin of Zenit.

Since this black-haired, white-robed young man was insanely powerful, he addressed himself as a Chambordian, and he had a majestic aura that only belonged to top-level decision-maker, Adam felt like his intuition was correct, and this young man was the legendary King of Chambord.

“Hahaha! You are right! I’m King Alexander.”

While he laughed, the king turned into a dash of light and shot toward the most majestic building in the center of Marton City.

This building was once the Castellon Estate of Marton City. After Anjian soldiers conquered this city, the Castellan of Marton and his large family of more than 300 people were slaughtered. This estate was also taken and used as the command center of the [Blood Fang Legion], which was the battle legion of Anji that was stationed in the city.

Right now, the building was well guarded, and no one knew what was happening in there.

Although the dark power of Hell didn’t corrode this giant city, Fei sensed an immense amount of evil energy hidden in this building.

Therefore, he rushed over and tried to see what was happening.

Right now, standing on the defense wall, Charles Adam couldn’t hide the excitement and thrill on his face.

Seeing that dash of golden light, he knew that the Zenitian reinforcements that Alanians had been waiting for three months finally arrived. Although he wasn’t sure of the attitude that Zenitians had toward Alanians, the war between Alania and Anji was the most important thing. The old saying ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ still held up right now. If Alania could receive the help from Zenit, they might get a chance to re-establish their empire.

With hot tears in his eyes, Adam turned around and took down the corpses of his other seven peers before placing them on the defense wall in order. Then, he grabbed onto Perth, a master of Anji, unleashed his warrior energy, and dashed down the defense wall like a bouncing ball. Then, he charged toward the place in the city where the noises were the loudest.

The King of Chambord was right; they had to control this chaotic situation quickly.

Otherwise, if the chaos continued, it would become uncontainable, even more destructive compared to the Undead Creature Catastrophe. Even if Alanians ended up defeating the Anjian soldiers in the city and regaining control, the city itself would be destroyed by the hot-headed Alanians and criminals who were messing around.

Adam didn’t kill Perth to vent his anger.

Although Adam looked reckless and rough, he was detail-oriented and thoughtful. He knew that the King of Chambord didn’t kill this master of Anji for a reason; perhaps this Anjian could be useful later on.

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