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Hail the King Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Before the Celebration

Time ran by fast.

The normally quiet as a picture Chambord city had gradually become lively.

In less than 4 days, the young King Alexander would be 18 years old and could accept the Zenit Empire’s emperor’s conferment and officially occupy the throne and become the 8th king of Chambord City.

In the past two weeks, Chambord City had gone through too many things, and in that process, Alexander incredibly rose from a ridiculed idiot to a true king inside the hearts of the Chambord citizens. Because of this, the whole country had been looking forward to this day.

As time approached, everyone was happily preparing for the king’s ascension.

Anything would have to give way for the ceremony, and even the two military giants officials Bast and Brooke who were incredibly busy coping with the upcoming military and political reform also put down their heavy workload and began fully focusing on the preparations for King Alexander’s ascension to the throne.

In accordance with Chambord city’s tradition, the location of the ceremony was chosen to be on the summit of the Eastern Mountain inside the city. Four days later when the first ray of golden sun shined from the sea of clouds would be the moment that Alexander ascends the throne.

Although Fei repeatedly urged for the ceremony to be simple, there was still a large number of materials used for the celebration, and they were carried by a continuous flow of workers up the mountain. Everyone put in an effort, wanting to prepare this as the grand event of Chambord City. Alexander’s past performance has completely won the hearts of all residents, and most people were more than willing to accept the rule from such a kind-hearted king from the bottom of their hearts. All men and women, young and old, all fought to be the first ones to contribute; the wealthy ones contributed money, the muscular ones contributed with labor, the merchants contributed items, and the general population contributed many people to all join the preparation army for this celebration.

What surprised many people was that Chambord City’s Holy Church’s Priest Zola and Luciano knight also joined the service army, and the monks and knights all showed unprecedented enthusiasm, providing a lot of financial support. Zola and Luciano also personally boarded the summit of the Eastern Mountain, doing their morning prayers every morning with an extremely devout attitude, as if the one ascending the throne in 4 days was not Alexander, but rather Pope Sergiyeli.

At the same time, there were also guests from afar that came to the Chambord City.

After hearing news of Alexander entering adulthood and ascending the throne, many small countries around Chambord city that were affiliated with the Zenit Empire also sent messengers to congratulate him. Of course, Zenit empire had 250 affiliated countries, so the ones that came to congratulate him was just a very small portion. After all, Chambord city was only a tier 6 subsidiary city, and it was still a question of whether it could maintain its tier 6 subsidiary city status in the upcoming empire war practice drills. The weak needed no diplomacy, and it was the same law in Azeroth Continent.


Morning, birds singing among the flowers’ scent.

King’s Discussion Hall.

In the little pond in the middle of the hall, clean water was running, and red fish playfully wagged their tails. On the stone chairs on two sides of the pond sat the leaders of Chambord city who were currently having a meeting for King Alexander’s upcoming Ascension Ceremony.

This was an extended meeting; in addition to the military officials and nobility, there were also highly respected people that were invited to attend the meeting.

On the first stone chair on the left hand side below the throne, the herald Bast was summarizing the information he had complied.

“… Sereith City’s Prince Aobiner, Lake City’s Prince Modric, Shenhua City’s Prince…”  Old handsome Bast said about 20 countries’ name in one breath, looked up, and slowly looked at everyone in the stone chairs as he continued, “This is the messenger list of all the countries that came to congratulate King Alexander’s official acceptation of canonization.”

“Tier 3 Subsidiary City’s Sereith City also sent someone?” Brooke who sat on the right hand side’s first chair listened and slightly frowned, as if he thought of something. He said in surprise, “weren’t they good buddies with the Block Stone City? Even one of the so-called [Five Eagles] of the 250 Subsidiary City Princes’ Prince Aobina was sent here?”

“Five eagles?” Fei very sensitively caught this term.

“Yes, your Majesty.  In the 250 subsidiary cities in Zenit Empire, various young elites emerged among the various royal families’ princes. They are all incredibly talented and have also been vigorously cultivated by the royal families, and the people that had nothing better to do grouped their names together and called them the [Ten Elites], [Nine Warriors], [Eight Pro], [Seven Wolves], [Six Heroes], [Five Eagles], [Four Blades], [Three Mad], [Two Hidden], [One Sword]. Sereith City’s little prince Aobina is one of the [Five Eagles]’s [Wing Eagle] and is rumored to have reached the four-star level of strength. Besides, this Sereith City is a tier 3 subsidiary city, but they have always been really close with our sworn enemy Black Rock City, so they can be considered as one of our potential enemies. I didn’t think that they would actually send someone to see your Majesty’s ceremony, and of all the people, they sent the [Wing Eagle] Aobina… I suspect that they aren’t up to any good and have ill intent.

Brook heard Fei’s question and immediately stood up and briefly explained the origin of the [Five Eagles], as well as Chambord’s and Sereith’s relationship.

Fei nodded and understood the general idea.

A small tier 3 subsidiary city that actually had a prince of the 4-star strength surprised Fei a little. Besides the [Five Eagles], there were also the [Ten Elites], [Nine Warriors], [Eight Pro], [Seven Wolves], [Six Heroes], [Four Blades], [Three Mad], [Two Hidden], [One Sword]. These people were obviously not some insignificant characters, especially the 10 people in front of the 4-star level [Five Eagles]; their power was obviously terrifying.

This discovery made Fei suddenly feel a sense of urgency and made him feel like a little frog sitting at the bottom of a well… He originally thought that Chambord city had been developing pretty well recently, but now that he looked closely, it wasn’t close to being enough. It still wasn’t enough to just rely on the “Hulk Potion”.

“But in addition, tier 4 Lake City has always been very close to Chambord. Lake City’s King Blanco and your Majesty’s father had a very close relationship, calling each other brothers. This time, the little prince Modric that came to congratulate is only 16 years old, but is already recognized to be one of the [Ten Elites], with a pinnacle 2-star strength and an immeasurable future. I think your Majesty should personally meet Prince Modric,” Bast suggested.

“Okay. On the matter of the reception of the embassy, you will arrange everything and let me know the result.”

Fei’s head was getting a little big from this kind of conference. Countless little things piled up and became cumbersome. He thought for a second, and directly left the mess to his future father-in-law Bast, Brooke and the others, and then he shamelessly patted his butt and directly fled from the hall.

In the hall, everyone looked at each other in an awkward silence.

There were so many people in this world who wanted to ascend to the throne this high, and after they got the throne, many of them would hold on to their power tightly in fear of sharing a tiny bit with others. However, Alexander was the exact opposite, and hid away from the power like it was a disease. This king was really unique, but who would help the ministers inside the hall get out of the awkward atmosphere?

“Let’s… continue our discussion.”

Bast shook his head with a wry smile, “I will report the final details to His Majesty and make a decision later.”

Chambord City’s back mountain, Original Steel Prison Water Dungeon Square.

This place had long been classified as forbidden and completely blocked. Of course, there seemed to be nothing wrong from the outer appearance. The guards were just like before; there were only 4 or 5 extremely and relaxed soldiers lazily scattered at the entrance of the stone castle. But in the dark, the 22 warriors were following a strange pattern around all sides of the mountain paths patrolling, and not even a mosquito could get in undetected.

As the king, Fei smoothly entered the forbidden ground with no resistance and went straight down into the underground stone cave maze.

The originally dark underground stone cave had significantly changed.

In comparison to the quiet outside, the inside was much more active, with rattling sounds of stone and metal clanging all over the place. Prison official Oleg and King’s Bodyguard Army Leader were currently commanding hundreds of carefully selected fine soldiers–according to the blueprints on beast skins provided by Fei–to completely re-repair this water prison.

The 100 workers that worked here were all elites chosen by Brooke in accordance to Fei’s order. They had a clean background, were loyal and reliable, and after being refined by the diluted [Hulk Potion], their strength significantly improved. Although none of them had yet to level up to star-level warriors, each of their physical bodies had reached over thousands of pounds. They were tyrannically strong, clearly comparable to the 22 warriors from the previous stone bridge battle. They were also trained by a master like Peter-Cech, so they had begun to take form as the prototype of an Iron Army.

The originally eerie and terrifying water prison had changed its look bit by bit.

The blood-stained iron fences and torture instruments had been removed. In the skyscraper interior-like huge stone hall that was deep into the corridor, a dozen iron furnaces had been set up. The best blacksmiths in Chambord city brought their best apprentices, and along with the help of the soldiers, they continuously sent the iron fences into the furnace to be melted. Following the drawings provided by Fei, they created new strange looking things. These things weren’t swords or armor; most were just strange instruments and gadgets that most people didn’t know about.

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