Chapter 910: The Birth of An Invincible Troop (Part One)

Seeing this dangerous scene, the hundred-or-so Alanian survivors who were watching from a distance almost gasped in fear. The Anjian soldiers conquered the Alania Empire in less than two months, so Alanians knew how terrifying the iron-armored Anjian soldiers were. Even right now, Alanians feared the mighty military power of Anjians.

At this moment, noises of blades being drawn sounded in unison.


All 600 soldiers of Chambord pulled out their sabers, and the loud metal-grinding noises of the sabers sliding on their sheaths resonated in the area. It sounded like a giant tornado, shocking people to their souls.

During this process, no one made a sound.

At that moment, the 600 chilly and murderous sabers formed a metal forest that was moving rapidly, and even stronger warrior energy fluctuations appeared on the warriors of Chambord in white.

The saber energies mixed with the warrior energies, and they shot up into the sky like beautiful fireworks.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

A series of metal-colliding noises sounded, followed by explosions, and the locusts-like wolf-fang arrows that were whistling in the air and flying toward them were turned into specks of dust by the shiny saber energies in a short time.

It was a heroic and magnificent scene.

The 600 people waved their sabers silently, and the 600 warrior energy flames that bloomed like flowers destroyed the arrow storm that was coming at them. The terrifying thing was that even when the arrows got turned into specks of dust, they couldn’t get within one meter of the white-armored warriors of Chambord.

The entire process was breathtaking, and it was so fast that ordinary people couldn’t catch it and didn’t know what was going on.

After the warriors of Chambord quickly dashed by, the metal arrowheads, wooden arrow shafts, and feather fletching that got turned into dust finally settled on the ground after a long time, piling onto the ground like garbage and looking like the abandoned accessories after a grand outdoor party.

Then, the white-armored warriors of Chambord didn’t give Anjians a second chance to shoot arrows with their crossbows.

It only took the blink of an eye for the warriors of Chambord to draw their sabers. In the next second, the 20 white-armored soldiers in the front got within ten meters of the tower shield dragon lance formation of the Anjian troop.

Then, the soldiers struck out in unison.

These 20 sabers were designed by Fei, the Martial Grandmaster who lived two lives, forged by Blacksmith Charsi, who was from Diablo World, using precious materials, and had runes engraved on them by the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory. With mystical power engulfing them, they left energy arcs in the air.

In the face of these brilliant saber energies, the tower shields that were made of iron and were forged hundreds of times seemed fragile like cheese.

The tower shields were silently cut in half, and the strong Anjian soldiers who were hiding behind the shields with dragon lances in their hands and on their shoulders in anticipation of the collision were sent flying into the air.

The people who also flew up were the 580 white-armored warriors.

These soldiers of Chambord flew above the heads of their 20 peers, and they dashed into the black-flood-like Anjian troop as if they were phantoms at night and messengers of the Grim Reaper who were here to send the invitation of death.

Finally, blood was spilled.

“AH!” An Anjian soldier was cut in half by a saber energy, and he screamed in pain, signifying the formal arrival of the battle and the killing.

Before the first scream could disappear, hundreds of even more high-pitched shrill screams resonated in the area and overpowered the first scream.

The cruel yet unavoidable close-range combat finally took place.

The Alanian survivors who were watching from afar shivered while spectating; they were so excited that they couldn’t control themselves. Like hot iron rod against fresh cheese, the white-armored warriors of Chambord destroyed the defense-line that had been set up by Anjians for a long time.

The Alanians saw that every time a Chambordian waved their saber, more than ten Anjian soldiers fell to the ground. Now, they got the first-hand experience about how powerful Chambordians were, and they got a better understanding of the legendary stories that traveling poets told about the Chambord Kingdom.

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