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Hail the King Chapter 910.2

Chapter 910: The Birth of An Invincible Troop (Part Two)

As time passed by, the chaos and riots that were happening in other parts of the city seemed to be quieting down, and the burning flames appeared to be controlled as well and began getting extinguished.

Fei nodded and thought, “It seems like that Alanian warrior named Charles Adam has found the resistance force, and they are gradually taking control of the city without the trouble of facing the military of Anji.”

As Fei thought that, more and more Alanians rushed out to all streets and roads. There were males and females, and they ranged from blacksmiths to vendors to warriors to civilians…

Although they all looked different, weak, and malnourished, they all had hatred in their eyes. Like wounded beasts, they couldn’t wait to tear Anjians apart.

Alanians who had been trying to breathe and survive under the white terror and pressure of Anjian soldiers walked out under the lead of the resistance force. Like a volcano that had been accumulating heat for thousands of years, they rushed out and tried to charge at the Anjian soldiers who had committed all kinds of crimes; their fury powered them, and they were prepared to die with the enemies.

However, they were stunned and frozen; they discovered that Anjian soldiers who had committed evil deeds were receiving the cruelest punishment.

Further away from them, people shrieked and fell on the battlefield, but none of them were white-armored warriors.

The soldiers of Chambord who were wearing white armor and holding top-tier sabers looked like a group of white Grim Reapers that were harvesting life with sickles. Wherever they went, broken limbs flew into the air, and the blood dyed the white bones. Almost no Anjian soldiers could block these white Grim Reapers; not even for a second.

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[Son of Wind] Torres stood at the edge of the battlefield with his bow in hand. Every time he shot out an arrow, a master of Anji was turned into a cloud of blood mist.

To Anjians, this handsome, elf-like, blond young man was more terrifying than demons and ghosts. No masters of Anji could dodge his arrows even if they were Seven-Star or Eight-Star Warriors or Mages.

From top to bottom, the arrogant, cruel, and bloodhungry soldiers of Anji were completely suppressed.

This was technically the first time that the Chambord Legion battled foreign enemies on foreign land.

Ever since the very beginning, Fei had been emphasizing the importance of getting the soldiers used to the atmosphere of large-scale battles and training the soldiers with practice fights. Now, Chambord finally reaped the fruit of its investment.

This was also the first time that the Chambord Legion revealed its sharp fangs to the world.

An invincible and terrifying iron troop was finally born on the Azeroth Continent after experiencing the real test of blood and war.

Then, after a little while, the outcome of the battle was determined.

Although the ratio of the number of Anjian soldiers and Chambordian soldiers was 100:1, and the Anjian soldiers fought fiercely since they were pushed into a corner, they couldn’t do much against the elite troop of Chambord that was comprised of only soldiers who were Three-Star Warriors and higher and perfectly coordinated with each other.

In less than 30 minutes, the Anjian soldiers were completely crushed, and it was coming to an end. Rather than calling it a battle, it was more like a one-sided massacre.

The combination of mighty Star-level Warriors and great weapons meant that the troop comprised of ordinary soldiers couldn’t compete with them.

Fei didn’t participate in the battle at all since it was unnecessary.

Instead of focusing on the battle, the king stared at the Castellan Estate that was protected by the troop of Anji in the middle.

Now, Fei sensed it more. Inside the Castellan Estate that looked like a small city within the large Marton City, there was a streak of dark power of Hell that was hard to detect. It was far more evil than the zombies and mutated demon beasts outside the city, and it seemed like a cloud of invisible blood mist engulfed the entire estate, emitting the terrifying aura that only masters could sense.

It seemed like something was brewing there.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, explosions sounded inside the Castellan Estate, and the ground started to shake.

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    • Thanks for all the love! I personally enjoy the Dragon King’s Son-in-law, which is another book that we did on Webnovel; you can check it out and see if you enjoy it as well.

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