Chapter 911: Mysterious Monster (Part One)

It sounded like a giant monster was going to rush out of the Castellan Estate since the loud noises resembled footsteps. Every time the footstep-like noise sounded, the ground shrieked in pain.

Then, cracking noises resonated in the area, and visible cracks appeared on the stone walls around the Castellan Estate.

Fei waved his hand, and the 600 white-armored warriors of Chambord received his command and backed out of the battlefield in unison.

They were the main characters in this bloody battle, yet they didn’t make any noises.

Like a group of white ghosts in the night, they were quick and agile. Although they defeated an elite legion of Anji, they didn’t suffer any casualties. Their white armor was completely snow-white; not a single drop of blood dripped onto them. When the warrior energy flames engulfed them, it was impossible for spilled blood even to get close to them.

This victory of a few versus many seemed legendary in others’ eyes, but it was only a warm-up for the warriors of Chambord; they didn’t even use their full strength.

Further away, Alanians stared at the white-armored soldiers of Chambord, and they were dumbfounded.

While Anna and Edward were envious, they smiled bitterly and thought, “If our Alania Empire had such an elite troop, it wouldn’t have been conquered by Anji so easily.”

There were still 3,000 to 4,000 Anjian soldiers left, but they completely lost the courage to battle, and they couldn’t put up any defense.

The military officers were all killed by Torres’ arrows.

The ordinary soldiers weren’t afraid of ferocious battle, but they realized that they couldn’t even harm their enemies’ hair even though they risked their lives fearlessly. After discovering that, their courage melted like a snowflake on a hot summer day, disappearing instantly.

The blood gathered and formed a small river, flowing on the ground.

Corpses that were cut in half lay all around the Castellan Estate, and the Anjian soldiers who were fleeing dropped their weapons out of fear. Without question, these thousands of soldiers lost their bravery. Even if they could escape from this place alive, they would never dare to walk onto a battlefield again.


The firm stone walls around the Castellan Estate were finally broken by the strong shaking, and six giant beasts appeared out of the thick dust; they had violent and destructive auras around them.

As soon as they appeared, all the people in the area gasped.

They were a type of monsters that no one had ever seen before. Like lizards that were skinned, red liquid flowed on their red flesh, looking like thick blood. In fact, this liquid was even wriggling a little, and it was a terrifying sight.

Each of these monsters was about four meters tall and six meters long, and streaks of red mist engulfed them, making their heads seem vague and indistinguishable. Red light beams shot out of their eye sockets, and their sharp, white fangs looked more horrifying under the illumination of the red light, making them resemble demons that just escaped from Hell.

“Puff…” The monsters snorted, and streaks of nose-piercing, blackish-red mist shot out of their nostrils and dispersed into the area.

A few Anjian soldiers who were fleeing got engulfed by this blackish-red mist by accident, and they shrieked in pain.


A series of noises could be heard, and it sounded like acid was corroding and eating away flesh.

Everyone gasped and was stunned by what they saw.

These poor Anjian soldiers’ skin was completely corroded and melted, revealing the bloody muscles and blood vessels underneath. Their eyeballs dropped out of their eye sockets, and their facial muscles started to wither at a terrifying speed.

This process lasted less than five seconds, and these soldiers stopped screaming.

These few Anjian soldiers were turned into… zombies? They were turned into zombies that brought limitless destruction to Alanians!

“Is this the source of the evil power of Hell that turns creatures into zombies?” Fei thought to himself while light flashed in his eyes. What he was seeing validated some of his guesses.

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