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Hail the King Chapter 911.2

Chapter 911: Mysterious Monster (Part Two)

These mysterious monsters that were freed looked around, and they roared and charged into the groups of Anjian soldiers who were the closest to them before opening their bloody mouths.

Like hungry dogs, their tongues that were about a meter long shot out like bullets and coiled around the soldiers before pulling them back, and these monsters chewed on them mercilessly.

Killing and screams appeared again, and blood and internal organs flew in all directions.

The Anjian soldiers who just lost courage were no match for these terrifying and powerful monsters. Except for trying to dodge, they also had to try and avoid the blackish-red mist that was around the monsters. If they got close to the terrifying and strange mist, their life energy would be robbed away, and they would turn into zombies that were controlled by the dark power of Hell.

It was clear that these monsters were not interested in zombies. With a level of agility that didn’t match their large size, they dashed around the chaotic soldiers like red lightning bolts and devoured these people to their hearts’ content. While they roared in pleasure, they turned all the living beings around them into food.

This terrifying yet tragic scene made others feel like it was the end of the world, and a series of gasps sounded.

Alanians who were watching from afar quickly backed off, and the ones who were more afraid already turned around and fled. Charles Adam and his peers tried their best to command the soldiers in the Alanian resistance force to maintain order.

Anna and Edward’s expressions changed, and they put up their arms, trying to protect survivors like Leo while slowly backing off.

Everyone was able to sense the horrifying power of these six unnamed bloody monsters. Since none of the Alanians could battle these monsters, they had to place their hopes on that black-haired man in the white robe.


A monster finally discovered Fei and the Chambordian soldiers, and it roared before turning into a red lightning bolt and charging at them viciously. With the boiling blackish-red mist around it, it dashed toward Fei like a collapsing mountain while blood dripped down its brush-like tongue.

At this moment, Fei already finished observing, and he lost interest in continuing watching them.

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Without needing Fei, the blond and handsome Torres pulled on his bow, and his green wind-elemental warrior energy formed six arrows. When his fingers released the bowstring, the six arrows turned into six flashes of light.

These arrows were so fast that before the ordinary people could hear the vibration of the bowstring and see the arrows traveling in the air, the six terrifying and mysterious monsters all exploded, turning into finely minced flesh and blooming bloodflower.

Bang! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Then, people heard the loud bowstring vibration noises and the air-piercing noises of the arrows.

Such mighty archery skill!

Gasps and applause sounded; Alanians were shocked by the power of their ally again.

Anna and Edward looked at each other, and they felt like all the surprises already numbed them.

Under Fei’s guidance, they both successfully became One-Star Warriors, and their understanding of the world grew as well. Therefore, they knew the power of these arrows better than ordinary people.

They had thought that Torres might be an Eight-Star Warrior, and they felt like they overestimated this blond young man. However, they now realized that it was a gross understatement.

The leaders of the Alanian resistance force were shocked more than anyone else.

Charles Adam, who was the only Three-Star Warrior in the city, smiled bitterly, and he thought, “The Chambord Kingdom sure is full of talented people, and it isn’t only based on the King of Chambord’s strength. No wonder this kingdom is like a legend in the Northern Region of Azeroth. Leaving everything else aside, this little guard of the king who looks common has the power to dominate over a region and destroy weak empires. Even when our Alania Empire was still around about half a year ago, no one could rival this young man.”

Suddenly, a terrifying scream sounded in the crowd.

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    This overpowering-the-resident-evil-saga is pretty interesting 🙂

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      Only the names here [and I always have supported the authors names the whole book] I have to sometimes double-check anji or alani haha could have made one start with a different letter. But they’re neighbors so maybe it makes sense…

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    Wasn’t Adams a 2 star warrior? Why is he now a 3 star warrior?

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