Chapter 912: New Discovery (Part One)

People looked in the direction of the scream, and they saw more strange things happening. After the six giant mysterious monsters were killed, streaks of blackish-red mist flowed out of the broken bones and torn flesh.

Gradually, the cloud of blackish-red mist grew so big and dense that the Castellan Estate was about to be engulfed by it.

The mist enveloped a few injured Anjian soldiers who were lying on the ground and couldn’t move, and they screamed and struggled before they were turned into zombies.

“Back! Back off!”

Shouts sounded in the crowd, and all the Alanians rushed back in alarm, afraid of getting touched by the evil energy.

People like Charles Adam also became frantic. If this mist expanded and dispersed into the area, the entire Marton City was going to be corroded. Before tomorrow’s sunrise, everyone in the city would probably be controlled by the evil energy as zombies.

“Huh? Interesting.” Fei walked in slowly; he made another strange discovery.

Although these monsters were essentially evil creatures from hell, the same as those zombies and mutated demon beasts that they encountered prior, only red and evil mist flowed out of the flesh of these monsters that were killed by Torres. There wasn’t even a tiny trace of the mysterious yet pure energy that only Fei could see which would appear after the death of those zombies and mutated demon beasts.

“What is going on? Could it be that the mysterious energy which I can absorb doesn’t exist in all the hell creatures? What is the difference between them?” Since this question related to his future growth in strength, it was critical for Fei to figure it out.

Therefore, the king stopped moving and closely observed the minced flesh on the ground that looked like meat paste.

“Be careful!”

At this moment, sexy warrior Anna shouted and tried to warn Fei.

It turned out that Fei was already at the outer edge of the giant cloud of blackish-red mist, and a few streaks of blackish-red mist that had a foul smell moved toward Fei’s body like the hands of murderous ghosts. It seemed like the mist had a life of its own and chose living creatures in the area to destroy.

Fei wasn’t afraid in the face of this blackish-red mist which others feared. Instead, he slowly reached out his hand, and a streak of golden flames appeared on his hand before turning into a golden light sphere and capturing a streak of such mist.

After observing it for a while, Fei put away the golden sphere and allowed that streak of blackish-red mist to rush into his hand like an evil worm.

Fei wanted to figure out how the evil energy inside the blackish-red mist could turn people into zombies.

As soon as that streak of mist entered his body, the king sensed a chilly sensation. This evil energy was highly corrosive. On top of eating away flesh, it could also stain warrior energy, allowing it to break people’s skin and enter their energy channels and blood vessels to suck away the vital life energy.

Both warrior energy and magic energy were the same in front of this evil power, and ordinary people and low-level warriors and mages would have the same fate when being corroded by it.

At a visible speed, half of Fei’s hand withered like a deflating balloon, and even his skin turned greenish-grey. He felt an unbearable itchiness on his fingertips, and his fingernails were slowly growing out under a mystic energy. In the end, even the skin on the back of his hand cracked like the bark of an old tree and was going to fall off.

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