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Hail the King Chapter 912.2

Chapter 912: New Discovery (Part Two)

This scene made Alanians who were watching from afar worry for Fei.

They didn’t know why Fei wanted to put himself in danger. It was known that undead energy was terrifying, and only the holy power of the Holy Church could counter it. However, the evil energy appeared with this Undead Creature Catastrophe was even more frightening; the holy power of the Holy Church couldn’t purify it. Many priests were corroded by the evil power and turned into zombies.

At this moment, the portable teleportation arrays that the soldiers of Chambord set up earlier flashed, and a few people walked out of it.

In the front, there was an old man with white hair and a white beard who was holding a thick wooden cane and a priestess who was wearing a purple robe and had her eyes closed. More than ten young people who were about 14 years old followed the two, and they were wearing light armor and looked energetic and high-spirited.

“What is going on? Did you find anything?” Akara walked to Fei and asked.

“Eh, these monsters seem a bit strange. This isn’t like the pure hell energy from Diablo World. Instead, it seems like it is put together temporarily by combining different energies, and the technique is advanced,” Fei responded while activating the holy power of his Paladin character.

A golden light ring traveled along his arm, and all the things that were happening disappeared, returning his hands into its former smooth and healthy condition.

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The blackish-red mist that was terrifying in others’ eyes was nothing to Fei. In Diablo World, Fei had encountered dark hell energy that was hundreds if not thousands of times more potent than this, and the holy power of the Paladin could destroy all evil.

“Let’s go in and take a look; I seemed to have found some ancient things,” Cain said after closing his eyes and sensing for a bit. Then, with his cane in hand, he walked toward the stone walls that were broken by these mysterious monsters with a serious expression on his face with the university students behind him.

The blackish-red mist moved aside and made way for Cain as if it feared this old man who looked like he was going to break his bones at any second.

Fei nodded and followed with Akara.

Radiant golden light shone on the king, instantly enveloping everything in the area.

Like a snowflake in a pot of boiling water, all the blackish-red mist disappeared. The golden light carried a holy sensation, giving people warmth and comfort. The Alanians who had injuries on them felt that a streak of warm energy entered their bodies, quickly healing them and washing away their fatigue.

The dirty blood that was left on the ground by the monsters and the zombies that were turned from Anjian soldiers instantly turned into green smoke and disappeared when encountering the golden light.

Torres and the soldiers of Chambord in white stayed outside the Castellan’s Estate. After talking with Charles Adam, they coordinated with the Alanian resistance force and started to wipe out the Anjian soldiers who were still not surrendering. Compared to fighting head-on, chasing after defeated soldiers was even easier.

The Castellan’s Estate was completely restructured, and it was more like a stable military base now.

Zombies that were wearing maid outfits wandered in the large front courtyard, and there were a few corpses that had their bones and internal organs exposed in the air, turning the Castellan’s Estate into a living Hell.

The few university students who were behind Cain were the talented apprentices who were picked by Cain and Akara. Even though they went through extensive training in this area, their faces still paled when they saw this, and they forced themselves not to puke.

Those six mysterious monsters probably killed these people.

As the group went in deeper, they saw many more destroyed houses and corpses.

When they reached the backyard of the Castellan’s Estate, they discovered an underground tunnel in a firm palace that led to an unknown destination.

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