Chapter 913: Human Emperor of the North (Part One)

“Damn, underground tunnel again? Could it be that all the evil creatures of Hell are like mice? They love staying in underground tunnels and basements.”

Seeing the entrance of the tunnel, Fei felt like laughing. In Diablo World, the demons, monster, and bosses of Hell loved living in underground levels. Now, it seemed like these mysterious dark creatures on the Azeroth Continent also loved living underground.

“Let’s go inside and look.”

To prevent accidents from happening, Fei walked in the very front, and the two mad scientists and their apprentices walked behind.

After about 40 minutes, the group walked back out of the underground tunnel, and they all looked serious.

Their trip wasn’t useless, but they also didn’t get that much information.

This underground tunnel wasn’t that big, and it was divided into two levels. The first level was winding and curly, and it was about 1,000 meters long, enough for many people to hide in there. The second level was a big underground hall, which was about 600 square meters, and it seemed like it was newly dug since the walls were still moist and fresh.

If those scenes on the ground made the Castellan Estate appear like a living hell, then this underground hall was the real Hell. Fei discovered several thousands of broken corpses of Alanians. Some of them were dissected alive while being tied onto wooden poles; some of them had intact upper bodies yet only had white bones in their lower bodies; some of them looked intact yet their internal organs were removed; some of them were half demonized while others had their limbs taken off and combined with animals and mutated demon beasts.

The underground hall at the second level underground had a blood pool, and the blood inside was boiling, cooking many broken corpses.

No one knew what it was for.

It was chilly and terrifying. Such a blood pool could only be created after killing 3,000 to 4,000 people.

Beside the blood pool was a destroyed magic laboratory. It was quite large, and it was used to test and run trials on dark magic. The only thing was that a massive explosion occurred here, and no clue was left behind.

Except for that, there was also a summoning altar behind the blood pool that had exploded. It was similar to the ones that Fei discovered in the border forest, but it was more delicate. Unfortunately, it was too damaged by the explosion. Even though Cain and Akara observed and studied it several times, they couldn’t get any new information from it.

It was evident that terrifying and inhumane crimes occurred here. Those bull-like, mysterious monsters were the products of this demonic cave. It was clear that a terrifying monster-creation project happened here, and these thousands of corpses might be the source material in the creation of the six monsters.

Fei guessed that this might be the reason why he couldn’t detect any pure energy from the corpses of those monsters; it could be that those monsters were artificially created.

Of course, this was only a hypothesis, and it needed further validation.

Now, it was confirmed that a force was behind the Undead Creature Catastrophe that happened in the border forest, and the rough edge of the conspiracy gradually showed. Although Fei wasn’t exactly sure who was behind all this and what goal this person had, he knew that it was connected to the Anji Empire. Otherwise, the elite soldiers of Anji wouldn’t be guarding the Castellan Estate.

The Anjian soldiers in Marton City were quickly defeated.

The power of these Chambordians was displayed before the Alanians in the city again during this process. While they were trying to hunt down the enemies, these Alanians could only follow behind the Chambordian soldiers to receive spoils of war and arrest the captives. Seeing that any single warrior of Chambord in white armor could easily defeat a team of more than 100 soldiers of Anji, it was stunning for Alanians at first, but they soon became numb to it. Almost every single Alanian in the city went through the process.

When Fei and others walked out of the Castellan Estate, the situation in Marton City was controlled by the soldiers of Chambord and members of the Alanian resistance force. The Alanians who regained their freedom cheered and celebrated in a frenzy. Those little over 1,000 Anjian soldiers who surrendered weren’t able to escape the fate of death; the Alanian civilians who were filled with anger and hatred beat and tore these enemies into pieces.

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