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Hail the King Chapter 913.2

Chapter 913: Human Emperor of the North (Part Two)

While Anjians had control over Marton City, they didn’t treat Alanians as humans. They easily killed hundreds or thousands of Alanians for fun daily, and they robbed them and r*ped their women without caring. Therefore, they planted their own seed of destruction and terrible ending.

That night, Fei and others stayed in Marton City.

The order of the city was soon restored with the help of the Alanian resistance force. After experiencing the empire-destruction crisis, the Alanians showed an unprecedented level of unity. Soon, they voted on an interim government for the city and sent a representative to meet with Fei. They knew that the appearance of Chambordians was the only reason that Marton City was liberated, so they showed Fei an exceptional level of respect. Also, they still needed to rely on the King of Chambord. Without the protection of Chambordians, the reinforcements from Anji could arrive before tomorrow morning and turn Marton City into a flatland.

Fei wished that he could put all his time into killing monsters and leveling up in Diablo World, so he didn’t have free time to deal with all these errands. After opening the teleportation array, the administrative officials of Chambord who came along with the expeditionary troop appeared in the city and dealt with all these issues.

After passing Hell Mode with his Barbarian character and Paladin character, Fei was working hard on getting his Assassin character to level up as fast as he could. After one night’s hard work, Fei elevated his Assassin character to Nightmare Mode level 94, which was a small achievement.

When Fei exited Diablo World, he spent another hour on training his spirit energy, and he was covered in sweat. In the later stages of training spirit energy, it became extremely tough. Every time Fei did it, he felt like he was being cut by thousands if not tens of thousands of knives. Even though his willpower was already iron-like after battling so many demons and monsters in Diablo World, he still found practicing spirit energy excruciating and laborious.

However, as long as he could increase his strength, Fei was willing to make a lot of sacrifices.

As this continent got more and more chaotic, the sense of danger that was on Fei’s mind became heavier. Since he lost both of his parents at a young age on Earth, Fei lacked a sense of security. After coming to this world, he found people whom he loved and cared for, so he had to work harder to protect his wives, loved ones, and friends.

Emperor Yassin’s advancement into the legendary Demi-God Realm stimulated Fei, making him want to become stronger than ever.

After training, the horizon on the east had already turned a little white.

Fei turned into a bolt of lightning and dashed out of Marton City. Then, he used [Cleansing] as the mighty Paladin and purified the area between the border forest and Marton City, which were about 60 kilometers apart.

Fei’s Paladin character absorbed some energy, but it wasn’t as abundant as the energy that he got after purifying the border forest. The Paladin character’s strength only increased slightly.

This cleansing operation clearly stunned the Alanians inside Marton City.

Feeling that the evil power finally left the area, even an idiot knew what was going on. Then, under the passionate exaltations of the little over 100 people in the team of Alanian survivors led by Warrior Anna and Mercenary Edward, the image of Fei who achieved something unbelievable in one night became huge in the eyes of Alanians; he was none other than their lord and savior.

As Fei slowly flew above Marton City under the bright, golden sunlight, someone kneeled and worshipped, triggering a chain effect. In the next moment, all Alanians inside Marton City worshipped Fei as if they were worshipping a god.

“Although this man is only passing by, he is stunning and brilliant! He is like the emperor of humans who becomes the center of attention wherever he goes!” Charles Adam single-kneeled and said subconsciously while staring at Fei who disappeared into the campsite of Chambord.

He didn’t know that this comment of his was going to spread around the region quickly. Soon, ‘Human Emperor of the North’ replaced ‘Sky-Covering Fist’, becoming Fei’s new title.

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    • Dont know how its written before translation but i think it means something like a God standing next/above humans…

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