Chapter 914: Expansion of the Black-Cloth Shrine (Part One)

Over the cheers of the Alanians in Marton City, Fei returned to the temporary campsite of Chambord.

The expeditionary troop of Chambord followed Fei’s policy of not taking anything from the nice people and didn’t even demand a needle and a string from any Alanians.

During yesterday’s battle and clean up, the soldiers of Chambord didn’t do anything bad to Alanians and didn’t accept the expensive gifts from the righteous rich people and nobles in the city.

The strict military discipline of the expeditionary troop of Chambord earned the respect of close to 70,000 Alanians in the city. The Alanian resistance force that was afraid that Chambordians might become the new invader after defeating the Anjians even gradually had high trust in this powerful ally.

Right now, after one night of busyness, people like Charles Adam were still trying to complete the new institution and power structure of Marton City. At the same time, they were recruiting soldiers on a mass scale. Almost all the young men within the age group were recruited into the Alanian resistance force. They received a lot of military training and were preparing for the upcoming war.

In just one night, the rapid liberation of Marton City allowed Alanians to see the hope of re-establishing the Alania Empire. If they did things correctly and got the continued support from Chambord, it was no longer a vague and unattainable dream.

The massive victory that the Alanians obtained against the Anjians in the dark last night was no different to a torch in dark desperation, pointing out the direction of survival. This made Alanians’ passion for the future to skyrocket, and civilians and nobles worked together and did everything that they could to defeat the Anji Empire in the future.

Fei was pleased to see this.

In fact, back when the king decided to take only 1,000 soldiers to go on this expedition, he had thought about this area already.

The rapid rise of the Anji Empire was stunning, but it also meant that its foundation was no longer stable.

Before they could completely digest the land and resources that they took and assimilate the new population, they robbed the people on their new land and forcefully extracted wealth. It was an incredibly short-sighted order, and it was cruel and vicious. Like depleting all the water in a lake before catching the fish, this action was foolish. The bloody and brutal suppression coming from the Anjians already triggered the aggressive resistance of the natives on the land, and all kinds of complicated issues arose.

As long as Fei could rally the natives of this land and add more fuel to the fire, giving Alanians the hope of overthrowing the cruel dictatorship of Anji, these people would gather themselves and do whatever they could to weaken the Anji Empire’s strength. This way, the Zenit Empire and the Chambord Kingdom wouldn’t need to use many resources. After all, before the real chaos arrived, accumulating strength was the best strategy.

Therefore, Fei had to give Alanians necessary support.

After returning to the military campsite, the king summoned the commanders of various levels and got a better idea of the current situation. Also, he took some time to meet the members of the interim government that Alanians voted on, and he selectively agreed to Alanians’ request of military reinforcements and resources.

Soon, more than ten super long-range teleportation arrays were built in the military campsite of Chambord. As magic energy flames flashed, resources were transported to Marton City from Chambord City.

Since Marton City was the first city that Alania won back from Anji, Fei was going to test many of his ideas here. Therefore, the expeditionary troop of Chambord didn’t leave right away. Instead, it stayed here for three days.

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