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Hail the King Chapter 914.2

Chapter 914: Expansion of the Black-Cloth Shrine (Part Two)

In these three days, except for physical assistance such as items and resources, Fei also did something that wasn’t planned but had profound effects on the power dynamics of the Northern Region and the rise of Chambord – some priests of the [Black-Cloth Shrine] teleported to Marton City and started to act as missionaries to promote the religion.

Fei was extremely busy. After becoming the bishop of [Black-Cloth Shrine] with his Paladin character, except for moving the headquarters of this fallen shrine in the Holy Church to Chambord City, Fei didn’t manage the internal affairs of the shrine that much. Instead, he delegated all those duties to Deacon Batistuta and other elders in the shrine.

Of course, during this process, the young Priest Jessie received the training he needed.

With Fei’s influence and prestige in Chambord, the teaching of the [Black-Cloth Shrine] quickly spread throughout the kingdom and became the only religion.

However, the spreading of the [Black-Cloth Shrine] became harder after that.

After all, the other areas on the continent were already divided up by other shrines of the Holy Church.

Now, the chaos created by Anji gave Fei and [Black-Cloth Shrine] a perfect opportunity.

Taking Marton City as an example. Due to the bloody crimes committed by Anjians and the Undead Creature Catastrophe, the members of the Holy Church already escape from the area, leaving out this area that was lacking religious teaching. Now, according to the rules of the Holy Church, any shrine could spread their religion in an empty area. Therefore, there was nothing wrong with the [Black-Cloth Shrine] coming here.

Also, the residents of the city were displeased when those priests of another shrine escaped in the face of danger, and they all ditched their previous religion, making [Black-Cloth Shrine] have an easier time spreading its influence here.

The 20 elite priests of [Black-Cloth Shrine] arrived at Marton City on the second day after the liberation.

Although low-level priests couldn’t counter the dark power of Hell, they were experienced at healing people’s injuries and comforting their minds. Without holding back their holy power, these priests healed the injured Alanians and helped with the Alanian resistance force, quickly turning close to 70,000 Alanians in the city to believers of [Black-Cloth Shrine].

The teaching of [Black-Cloth Shrine] did fit with Fei’s worldview. Also, as the bishop, Fei had the power to change the doctrine of [Black-Cloth Shrine] as long as it wasn’t in conflict with the [Code of God]. After becoming the bishop, Fei spent some time and studied the doctrine of [Black-Cloth Shrine], so he wasn’t worried about having any adverse effect or giving other shrines in the Northern Region Church the chance to come back and take the fruits of their labor.

Most importantly, as the bishop of [Black-Cloth Shrine], Fei was greatly promoted by the priests. Soon, real and fake tales about Fei’s nobility, bravery, generosity spread around Marton City in an unstoppable manner.

What Fei did before the arrival of these priests already made Alanians in the city view him as their savior, and even little kids knew his new title as the Human Emperor of the North. After the work of the priests, Alanians in Marton City all became the king’s loyal followers.

While testing his ideas in Marton City, Fei also paid close attention to other events that were happening in the Northern Region, Southern Region, Western Region, Eastern Region, and Central Region of Azeroth. All the information that he learned told him one thing: the real chaos era had truly arrived.

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