Chapter 915: Young Lords (Part One)

From the information that Fei obtained in the last few days, it seemed like the situation on the continent had drastically worsened recently.

In the Eastern Region, the four legendary level 9 empires, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea, were in a grand war against each other, almost flipping the Eastern Region of Azeroth upside-down. With the Manchester City Empire that rose to the top with the arrival of the Chaos Era, it was heard that there wasn’t a single inch of land in the Eastern Region that wasn’t enveloped by the war.

In the Western Region, the war between the level 9 Madrid Empire and the level 9 Barcelona Empire came to a climax. Under the leadership of the unrivaled genius, Leo Messi, the Barcelona Empire defeated the Madrid Empire in the beginning, forcing the latter to pay a hefty price and hire the famous general, José Mourinho, who was said to be the No.1 Military Commander on the continent. Then, they were able to hold up against the attack of the Barcelona Empire.

The war in the Southern Region surprised Fei a little. The dominating empire in the Southern Region was defeated repeatedly by the Ormond Empire, which was only a level 7 empire on the rise. The Ormond Empire also had two genius masters, Götze and Reus, and it was in its prime state right now.

Chaos was also overtaking the Central Region. The Holy Church could no longer suppress the Inter Milan Empire and the AC Milan Empire. These two empires together with the Juventus Empire that was trying to redeem itself in this chaos went to war, and talented geniuses appeared in all these empires.

This was an era where talented geniuses would appear, a period with many stars. This was the best era for some people, but it was also the worst time for others.

During this time, all the intelligence networks on the continent worked overtime and were all overloaded.

All kinds of intelligence reports flew around, and the famous geniuses who appeared in the five regions were well-known in the upper-circle; all the forces memorized their names and their backgrounds. There were people like Red Demon Warrior Rooney, Lance King Van Persie, Assassination God Hernández, Wind-Dancer Hazard, Sniper King Suárez, Little Giant Cazorla, King Warrior Ronaldo, Super Genius Messi, Genius Prince Götze, Wind-Chasing Sword Reus, Fantasy King Kroos, Little Pharaoh Shaarawy, and Unique Jovetić. They became the brightest stars in this Chaos Era, replacing the masters of older generations and becoming the main characters in their own legendary stories.

Of course, King Alexander of Chambord was the most famous young warrior in the relatively weak Northern Region, and he was placed among those super geniuses, getting known by all the intelligence networks and many empires and becoming one of the few young people who were closely monitored by the powerful forces and figures at the top of the pyramid.

These super geniuses of the young generation all had unparalleled influence, and they were known as ‘Young Lords’. Many people believed that these young lords were the key figures in changing the power dynamics on Azeroth in the foreseeable future.

Naturally, with more attention, all kinds of comments and comparisons got spread around.

It was heard that even Continental Martial Saint Maradona commented on these young lords. However, not many people knew the detailed discussion, so many people got curious and pandered. They wanted to know which young lord that the most powerful human on the continent favored. However, in the lists made by other influential figures and super forces, people such as Messi of Barcelona, Ronaldo of Madrid, Götze and Reus of Ormond, and Shaarawy of AC Milan all ranked above Fei for obvious reasons.

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