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Hail the King Chapter 916.1

Chapter 916: New Emperor of Alania (Part One)

The thing that the Alanian resistance force was glad about was that they didn’t need to battle zombies and mutated demon beasts; even the warriors of Chambord rarely moved. King of Chambord took care of it himself most of the time.

Since titles such as ‘Savior’, ‘Human Emperor of the North’, and ‘Bishop of the Holy Shrine’ were already placed on him, Fei didn’t need to stay low-key anymore. Therefore, he used Paladin Skill – [Cleansing] openly.

Wherever the golden flames went through, the evil energy was completely wiped out, and light returned to the land. Like a sun that was moving extremely close to the surface of the ground, Fei emitted light and heat, easily shattering evil and turning it into nothing.

In ordinary people’s eyes, this was no different from a miracle, so Fei’s fame spread around the region at an incredible speed.

Later on, many survivors rushed through many blockages and obstacles daily, going through all kinds of hardships and trying their best to be protected by the Human Emperor of the North.

As a result, like sunlight, Fei’s name and his title as Human Emperor of the North were passed around the ancient land that used to belong to the Alania Empire.

In the following month, the expeditionary troop of Chambord moved south smoothly like pressing a hot knife through butter. With Fei and Chambord’s help, the six critical military cities that used to belong to the Alania Empire were liberated, and the zombies and mutated demon beasts in the region were also wiped out. It seemed like everything was returning to normal.

In terms of the military, the four main battle legions that Anji stationed inside the former Alania Empire were obliterated, losing more than 60,000 elite soldiers and a lot of resources. Also, the Alanian resistance force that was a joke in the eyes of Anji quickly transformed, becoming the official Alanian army that could battle with Anji head-on. With all Alanians rallied up, the Alanian army had almost 200,000 soldiers, not counting all the militias and other small forces. In a short time, Alania’s strength skyrocketed.

This process was like rolling a snowball. Almost every single Alanian had deep hatred toward Anjians. As soon as they could pick up a weapon, their first choice was to join the army and get their revenge on Anjians.

Time slowly passed by.

In less than two months, more than 70 percent of the land that used to belong to the Alania Empire was recovered, and the re-establishment of the Alania Empire was within Alania’s sight.

This series of rapid-lightning-like movements and achievements shocked the entire Northern Region.

Human Emperor Alexander of the North; this name soon rose in prestige and power. Now, Fei was viewed on the same level as Emperor Juninho of Leon and Emperor Yassin of Zenit.

Gradually, people no longer looked at Fei simply as the king of an affiliated kingdom. With Fei getting more attention, the Chambord Kingdom that was remote and had a low-profile also attracted the attention of the forces in the Northern Region as well as other regions.

Of course, Fei’s title as ‘Human Emperor of the North’ which was renowned to Alanians also caused him a lot of trouble back in the Zenit Empire. However, those things happened later, so we won’t go into details now.

After taking control of the six crucial cities, Fei’s invincible and rapid progression finally slowed down. The expeditionary troop of Chambord temporarily stationed at the sixth city, which was the former Capital City of Alania, Dixie City.

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