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Hail the King Chapter 917.1

Chapter 917: New Leader, New Plan (Part One)

Leo had never expected this. Less than four months ago, he was still an ant-like figure who was struggling for survival. No one cared about his life, and even a zombie or a mutated demon beast could easily wipe out him and his two sisters from this world. When he was hungry, eating a piece of bread and drinking milk were luxurious wishes. However, four months later, he rose to the top of the power ladder of the Alania Empire. He was now Emperor Leo, and he had close to one million soldiers and controlled about six million square kilometers of fertile land. He was the emperor who was going to lead the Alania Empire and turn the situation around.

Thinking back to everything, this young man felt like he was still dreaming.

No! In fact, to this young man who just started to understand the cruel law of the jungle, this experience was more bizarre than a strange dream.

He knew that he was where he was all due to the gift from his in-name master, Human Emperor Alexander of the North.

Also, he was clear that if he wanted to stay stable on the heated throne where he had many targets on his back, he knew who he could rely on. There were many nobles who flattered him every day, wealthy merchants who gifted him beautiful women, new officials who would respectfully chant and cheer when seeing him, and powerful military commanders who had control over legions and helped him get onto the throne on the surface. In his mind, he knew that he couldn’t trust them that much; he would need to rely on his in-name master, Human Emperor Alexander of the North.

Therefore, on the first day that he got canonized and became the emperor, the young Emperor Leo made a series of decisions.

First, he announced that he was taking Fei as the ‘Father of the Nation’, which was a prestigious title which was even above the level of the emperor. Even though Fei would have no obligations and no legitimate power in law, he could move everything in the newly re-established Alania Empire.

At the same time, Empire Leo also announced an alliance with the Zenit Empire, and he sent envoys to St. Petersburg in high-profile and brought gifts.

By now, the [Black-Cloth Shrine] had won over the hearts of ordinary Alanians, becoming the largest religion in the newly re-established empire. In fact, it was the only religion in the region so far. With this background, Emperor Leo directly announced that he was making the [Black-Cloth Shrine] into the Imperial Religion of the Alania Empire, the only shrine of the Holy Church that the empire officially supported.

The young emperor’s new orders were quickly passed through the new political system without much push back.

Even an idiot knew that the new Alania Empire which was just established was still not that stable. If they wanted to survive in this chaotic world, they had to establish an alliance with powerful forces. Both Human Emperor of the North and the Zenit Empire were powerful forces that were worthy of allying with.

Of course, the process of turning from a homeless orphan to an emperor was challenging.

To Leo, all the complicated etiquette of the Royal Family and the complex managing of the empire quickly calmed him down from the thrill of becoming the emperor. In fact, he even felt a little powerless.

Fortunately, Fei expected this to happen from the beginning.

On the third day after Emperor Leo’s canonization, using the super-long-distance portable magic teleportation array, Fei summoned the royal etiquettes experts who his father-in-law, Bast, had selected and trained in Chambord City. Together with some Alanian seniors who knew a lot about the Alania Empire’s history, traditions, and customs, they created the unique Emperor Shortcut Class which was one of a kind in the history of the Northern Region of Azeroth, helping the young emperor to quickly transform from a homeless orphan to a majestic ruler of the land.

At the same time, Fei didn’t disappoint the people who were worshipping him and praising his generosity. As the Father of the Nation, Fei showed his kindness in a friendly fashion.

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