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Hail the King Chapter 917.2

Chapter 917: New Leader, New Plan (Part Two)

The king dropped a lot of resources and helped the Alania Empire to build eight comprehensive academies and one military academy. Also, Chambord offered all the teaching resources in the beginning for free, using Chambord’s way to help Alanians train all kinds of exceptional talents such as warriors, military officers, blacksmiths, mages, combat engineers, poets, and diplomats.

The power of Chambord Kingdom was well-known in the Northern Region, and Chambord’s unique talent cultivation method was renowned. To the Alania Empire that was just crushed and had to rebuild from the ground-up, this was no different from offering water to a person who was dying from thirst.

Civilians could enroll in the academies that Chambord built, and they could get a lot of scholarship. In fact, the outstanding students could even go ‘study abroad’ at Chambord. All these great treatments that Alanians had never heard about made the academies that Chambord opened get insanely popular.

It was heard that on the first day of school, the students packed up the eight comprehensive academies and the military academy named Alexander, and the walls almost collapsed.

In terms of other administrative duties of the newly established empire, Fei also had to help his in-name disciple to manage a few things. As a result, the expeditionary troop of Chambord stopped in Dixie City for more than half a month and paused its marching steps.

All kinds of people wandered in front of the gate of Chambord’s campsite; they wanted to see the ‘Father of the Nation’.

Even if they could only get a casual greeting or a polite smile, they would be able to be smug for a long time.

During this time, the reliance that the young emperor of Alania showed toward Fei made many spectators realize that if they wanted to get a piece of the pie in the new Alania Empire where many things weren’t divided yet, getting the appreciation from the ‘Father of the Nation’ was more important than the favor of Emperor Leo.

Unfortunately, Fei wasn’t interested in these boring things.

The king didn’t show anything toward these spectators who only had their eyes on profit, and he declined all their meeting requests.

These days, not many people could see Fei. Except for the young Emperor Leo and the cute and naïve Princess Keeley and Princess Dilly, only a few acquaintances could meet Fei.

The leader of the Alanian resistance force, Charles Adam, was now the commander of the Alanian Royal Guard, [Revenge Legion]; he was only lower than Emperor Leo and above many.

The sexy Warrior Anna and the tough Mercenary Edward were also in power. As people who were close to the young emperor, they had significant influence, and many people tried to please them.

On top of these people, most of the young men in that team of Alanian survivors who had interactions with Emperor Leo and were taught by the ‘Father of the Nation’ became the foundation of the military forces.

However, a few of these people were a little smart.

It didn’t matter how busy they were. When it was close to sunset, Adam would come to the campsite of Chambord with Anna and Edward, practicing a little with Fei.

To them right now, the pursuit of cultivation was no longer that passionate. Since their talents were average, and they passed the age where training was the most effective, they didn’t have high hopes in this regard. The reason that they came to Fei every day was for their future. If they could stay beside the ‘Father of the Nation’ a second longer, their political future in the Alania Empire would become brighter and broader.

Fei already saw through their minds, but he didn’t point it out. However, he wasn’t going to teach them and try to elevate their strengths anymore.

This is life; people make their own decisions and walk their own paths. Since people like Adam and Anna chose to pursue the wealth in mortal life, Fei let them be.

Since they spent some time together, and these people weren’t bad, Fei was willing to help them and give them some blessings.

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