Chapter 918: The King’s Plan (Part One)

It was between summer and autumn, but the weather was still hot.

As the sun lowered into the horizon, Fei said farewells to Adam, Anna, and Edward, and he returned to his tent. Like always, he entered Diablo World and started to kill monsters and level up with every free second that he had.

After three months, Fei’s Assassin character reached Hell Mode level 100 and passed Diablo World.

Now, Fei was working on getting his Necromancer character up to speed.

Fei had a feeling that the undead magic was going to be crucial in the next portion of the expedition, and it was going to shine. Right now, his Necromancer character was Hell Mode level 10. If other things wouldn’t take too much of his time, his Necromancer character was going to pass Hell Mode in about two months.

As the night got darker, Dixie City, which was the Capital of Alania, was still as bright as daytime, and it was noisy there.

However, Chambord’s campsite appeared to be extremely quiet.

Time passed by quickly.

Soon, the dawn was coming, and a new day was about to begin.

After exiting Diablo World and training his spirit energy, Fei walked out of King’s Tent with his upper body naked. He was sweating, and it was visible that heat was coming off his body.

While he stretched his back, a guard brought him buckets of water. Fei dumped several buckets of cold water onto his head, washing away the sweat and feeling refreshed.

Although he accomplished many things while staying in Dixie City, he had to get on the road again.

Fei looked at the bright clouds in the sky and suddenly got a little sentimental. He thought of something and said, “Pass my order! Get ready, and we will leave Dixie City and be on the road of the expedition to the Anji Empire tomorrow.”

At that moment, for some reason, Fei suddenly decided that before he got onto the path of conquering and battling, he had to return to Chambord City to spend some time with his loved ones.

With the existence of the super-long-distance portable teleportation array, Fei only needed to take six stops, and he got back to Chambord City in less than three hours.

It was about noon.

Fei’s return gave a huge surprise to the two queens.

After having their lovely alone time, Fei quickly ate some stuff with the two beauties in his arms. Right now, he really didn’t want to get up and do stuff.

The king only reluctantly got up when it was close to sunset. After thinking for a bit, he asked someone to invite his father-in-law, Bast, and Brook to come here.

Then, together with his two beautiful queens, they cooked up a table full of delicious food.

“Hehehe. It has been a while since I last cooked; I’m getting a little clumsy.”

When all the dishes were placed on the table, Bast who was wearing a noble robe and Brook who was wearing casual clothes arrived.

Since the messenger already told them that this was a private dinner arrangement, and the two were used to the king’s chill style, they were quite casual and didn’t put up formalities.

When Angela took bottles of wine from the Royal Wine Cell, the dinner began.

“Your Majesty, what you did in the Alania Empire sure is big! The entire Northern Region is moving because of it.”

Soon, the conversation went back to the issues concerning the kingdom. Fei’s father-in-law was someone who showed the grace and etiquette of a noble all the time. While he cut the steak on his plate into small pieces and put the special sauce on it, Bast looked up and said to Fei.

“Eh, things are smoother than we expected.” Fei nodded as he raised his head and drank all the wine in the wineglass like a cow. His move wasn’t classy at all, and his father-in-law who strictly followed the standards of nobles rolled his eyes and shook his head. However, this handsome old man couldn’t say anything to the king about this.

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