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Hail the King Chapter 918.2

Chapter 918: The King’s Plan (Part Two)

“While we are on this topic… Your Majesty, it was your idea to push that little guy named Leo onto the throne, right?” Brook had been with Fei for a long time, and he was the king’s friend and teacher. In public settings, this military leader was very polite and formal. In private settings, he was able to relax and talk like a friend after Fei’s multiple requests.

In reality, many people didn’t understand why Fei valued Brook so much. In terms of individual strength, he was inferior to people like Drogba, Torres, and Cech. In terms of intelligence and strategy, he was not as good as people like Old Aryang and a few new commanders. In terms of civil management, he wasn’t as good as Bast… From all angles, this man who was once the Captain of the King’s Guard was quite average.

It made sense that Brook was leading the military when Chambord City was weak and lacked talent. But now, Chambord was full of talents, mighty warriors, and intelligent advisors. Even the Zenit Empire might not be able to suppress Chambord, let alone other affiliated kingdoms. In this situation, it seemed unreasonable to keep Brook as the leader of the military.

In fact, since Chambord started rising in a stable manner, Brook realized this as well. He had asked Fei many times to replace him with someone more talented, but Fei seriously declined his request and raised Brook’s status in the military even more.

Right now, on top of the military and King’s Guard, Brook even had the power to command the Gold Saints on the 12 Golden Saint Mountains.

This level of trust was unique in the kingdom, not inferior to Fei’s trust in his father-in-law, Bast.

However, others didn’t know that on top of Brook’s loyalty, Fei also valued this man’s righteousness, justice, kindness, and the never-changing character. Regardless of what status he had, he never slighted anyone because of it, and he never selfishly used his power. He viewed all the generals under him fairly, and he never promoted or demoted generals due to his whims of favor. Even when he talked to ordinary civilians and street vendors, he was friendly and kind.

Once Fei was walking around the city in disguise, he saw Brook, who was the military leader of Chambord, helping an older woman, who lost her 18-year-old son when the Ormond Empire attacked, to carry big bags of flour and rice while sweating in his rough robe.

People like Brook were like screws. When they were there, you wouldn’t see them shine. However, nothing would work without them there.

Ordinary people had no idea that Fei didn’t just value this man who was born and raised in Chambord; the king respected and even admired this man. On top of treating Brook as a loyal subject, the king also saw him as a trustworthy friend.

In Chambord, only people like Bast, Lampard, and Drogba who were here since the beginning saw through the king’s mind. These people could be counted as influential figures in the Zenit Empire, and they usually didn’t show anything to others. However, they were all respectful towards Brook.

Only the people close to him could sense the charming charisma from this average-looking Chambordian.

After hearing Brook’s question, Fei laughed out loud.

“Hahaha! A lot of people probably saw through it. After all, Alanians aren’t dumb; there are wise people among them.”

Fei didn’t need to hide anything in front of his people. While eating a piece of roasted meat that Angela fed him, Fei smiled shamelessly like a cunning fox and told them everything.

“I asked the [Letter Office] to do a detailed investigation of Leo’s background. It is clear that he is the descendant of a little merchant, and his parents both died in the Undead Creature Catastrophe. He is now an orphan, and he doesn’t have relatives. Charsi made that so-called royal accessory. I got the blueprint in the ruins of the Royal Palace of Alania, and Charsi’ forging skill is on the grandmaster-level. Others would have a hard time telling this accessory apart from the real one. Also, even if someone saw through it, what can they do? All the members of the Royal Family of Alania died. As long as the ordinary Alanians believe this story. Those smart ones don’t want to offend me, so they know what they should do!”

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  1. Goldenzeal

    i guess they went with the boring option…. oh well.

    • Hamed El Ghoul

      the more satisfying option , well it seem stupid that he accidentally saved a far relative of the massacred royal family

      • Fimbulwinter

        I prefer this outcome as well. Makes it more realistic than some miracle.

      • me, myself and i

        well this is the world where the word of the strong is law

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