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Hail the King Chapter 918.3

Chapter 918: The King’s Plan (Part Three)

“So, what are you going to do next? Do you want to turn the Alania Empire into a puppet empire?” The old and handsome Bast nodded and asked. As an experienced noble, he had seen and heard many of these things. He wanted to know what Fei’s plan was, and he said in a luring tone, “Making it into a puppet empire is not bad. As the king of an affiliated kingdom, Your Majesty will be able to control a level 1 empire from afar. It sounds interesting.”

“Yeah, this is a great idea.” Brook’s eyes lit up as well.

Due to the restriction of territory, after its explosive growth, Chambord’s growing speed started to slow down. Without enough foresight and planning, its situation would be passive once major wars broke out.

However, Chambord was already a level 1 affiliated kingdom, and its territory could no longer expand under the control of the parent empire, Zenit.

The other option was to break out of Zenit and become the Chambord Empire. In fact, many high-level officials of Chambord had been promoting this idea.

However, Brook who knew Fei well was sure that the king would never make this decision. It wasn’t just because of the king’s friendship with Second Prince Dominguez and the worry about Emperor Yassin’s power; it was mostly because of that slim figure whose body turned into ashes on the peak of the Imperial Martial Saint Mountain and covered the land of Zenit.

“You also think that this is a great idea?” Fei laughed and didn’t explain right away. After a few seconds, he shook his head and said, “I did have such a plan before, but I later discovered that Alanians are gentle and friendly, but they have an insane passion for the independence of their empire. Also, an eagle is going to fly once it grows up. This method of control might work in the near-term while it is like the honeymoon, but they will rebel in the long run and oppose Chambord’s control over them. Overall, it is not worth it to try to have control over this empire, so I decided against it. Hehe, just see it as my gift to Leo; I like that young man.”

Brook and Bast were at a loss for words, and they thought, “This gift is huge. The throne for an empire that has a history of more than 500 years and a territory that totals millions of square kilometers… This young man named Leo is way too fortunate!”

If they didn’t know about Leo’s background, they might even think that Leo was Fei’s son.

“Of course, we won’t throw money away. Hehe, even if we can’t turn the Alania Empire into a puppet empire, we can do other things. Otherwise, why do you think I’m willing to spend so much money and resources on building academies for them? If everything is done properly, Alanians will want to follow Chambord. I call this cultural invasion and peaceful assimilation.”

Fei’s words opened a new door in Bast and Brook’s minds.

“After conquering the Anji Empire and the other empires in the region, I will use similar methods to turn them into Chambord and Zenit’s allies. This way, when we are engaged in cross-regional wars, we don’t have to worry about potential fires in our backyard. Therefore, you need to help me prepare and train all the necessary people. Time is tight; I need to take care of all this in a year.”

Brook and Bast quickly memorized this. This matter was crucial, and not a single error was allowed.

The king’s logic was new and outside-the-box. Although they had served the king for a long time, Brook and Bast were nonetheless still stunned from time to time.

Soon, the conversation swayed away from important matters and went back to daily topics. This dinner lasted more than three hours while they laughed and chatted.

“Bur…” Fei burped after having this great dinner, and the smell of wine permeated the air.

While walking Bast and Brook out of the palace, he suddenly thought of something and said casually, “Oh right. Tell Jessie to go to Dixie City. The [Black-Cloth Shrine] is growing too fast there, and its fountain is shaky. It needs a real master to guard it.”

Fei didn’t stay long in Chambord. On the morning of the second day, Fei used the teleportation arrays and went back to Dixie City.

What happened next proved that he went back just in time. Thirty minutes after he got back to Chambord’s campsite, a powerful opponent showed his face. A young lord from outside the Northern Region appeared in a dominating fashion, trying to challenge Fei.

“Humph!” You are only the king of a little affiliated kingdom. How dare you call yourself Human Emperor? You are truly ignorant. Today, I will give you a good beating, making you take off the title of Human Emperor and go back to being a hillbilly king.”

The challenger’s voice resonated in Dixie City.

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  1. Rick

    So if he has the throne that can teleport anywhere (even the special space where he found the flying city) the why is q usij the arrays

    • mandorain

      I think the chair has a smaller teleport range so he would be taking more jumps.

    • Perhaps the throne is left in the Godly King Palace back in Sky Castle. Lol, it isn’t clear in the story.

  2. mandorain

    This is off topic but is Angela going too be able too increase her life span? i dont think Fei could handle watching her die as a 90 year old woman while he still has hundreds of years of life left.

  3. Guzaru

    It’s too late to explain but whatever. The golden skeleton said, when Fei was imprisoned in the array, that he can’t even use the throne to teleport outside the array explaining that the power he had over the throne is limited, so that is why he can teleport long distances with it.

  4. Nuex Mark

    well he cant use the throne’s power 100% maybe around demi god rank he can or hald of its potential

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