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Hail the King Chapter 919.1

Chapter 919: Mysterious, Arrogant Challenger (Part One)

“What damn Human Emperor of the North? He is just an ignorant hillbilly! How dare he name himself Human Emperor? Our master can kill him with one finger!”

“The King of Chambord directed this drama and created this disaster to fool you poor Alanians. He is only a clown who is trying to get fame and power, and he is vicious and cunning. Compared to our master, he is like a worm next to a dragon. Without having our master to do anything, I can kill him with one exhale of air!”

“Hahaha! He is the trash king of an affiliated kingdom. How dare he be ranked on the same list as a young lord? He doesn’t know his place! Get the f*ck out! If you get naked and crawl around Dixie City, our master might get into a good mood. If he chuckles, he might spare your life!”

“Is the title ‘Human Emperor’ something that everyone can take? You are a dirty low-life; how dare you act all noble?”

“Hahahaha! He is still hiding! He is probably terrified and had fled. He is nothing but a coward; he doesn’t qualify to battle our master! Haha!”

One day ago, less than an hour after Fei left Dixie City, more than a dozen masters from another region of Azeroth appeared. They were all powerful, and they arrogantly announced that they wanted to challenge King Alexander of Chambord. They barged into the campsite of Chambord, and the two sides engaged in a battle after their continuous provocation.

These foreign masters were indeed powerful; even the weakest one among them could battle with Gold Saint Torres of Sagittarius without losing. The other people were all top-tier Moon-Class Elites. If the super powerful Hazel Bank weren’t inside the campsite, the campsite of Chambord might have been obliterated by these people.

However, the campsite of Chambord was still in big trouble.

The mysterious master of these foreigners was mighty. Although he didn’t show himself, he was able to lightly snort from somewhere that was unknown and severely injure the Undead Mage, making the latter puke up blood repeatedly. At the same time, an indescribable pressure engulfed the campsite of Chambord, pressing down on everyone in the campsite and immobilizing them. If Fei didn’t set up defensive magic arrays around the campsite, and these Chambordians didn’t have the protection from the high-level magic devices made by the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory, all of them would have been severely injured and lost consciousness under the snort.

“Huh? Where is the King of Chambord?”

That mysterious master’s aura covered the entire campsite, and he soon discovered that Fei wasn’t in. Perhaps he looked down on the people of Chambord such as Hazel Bank and Torres, the mysterious and powerful master didn’t do anything else for more than a full day. It was clear that he waited for Fei’s return.

However, his tsunami-like aura enveloped the campsite of Chambord, and the suffocating pressure made everyone in the campsite suffer in pain; they all felt like heavy mountains were weighing down on them, and they were slowly being injured more and more.

Although other masters who were arrogant and weren’t from the Northern Region didn’t barge into the campsite of Chambord again, they started to promote this incident in Dixie City smugly. They made various bold statements and provoked people by saying that Fei was scared and fled beforehand, and the king would never return while they were here.

Such behaviors enraged and displeased the civilians and soldiers of Alania.

Fei’s prestige and influence among Alanians were no different from a god’s. In fact, many Alanians worshipped Fei and prayed to him daily; Fei was like their spiritual pillar. Therefore, even though Alanians feared the dominating power of these foreigners, they counterattacked when these mysterious people defamed their idol.

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