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Hail the King Chapter 92 (Unedited)

Chapter 92: Mysterious Transformation of the Underground Cave

In the deep corridor, the captain of the King bodyguard army Peter Cech exposed his strong upper body, the muscles stood out like rocks, and his lower body is wearing Fei’s design, which is straight breeches which recently swept the entire Chambord city as the fashion leader. He’s waving a giant iron hammer of at least five hundred kilograms like a windmill, in the roar of the loud noises, the dirt yellow color of his muscles were flashing, and Cech was like a violent humanoid excavator, smashing down steel fences during the endless rumbling noises and carried out the demolition work.

At this time, Cech has completely digested the remnants of the [Hulk Potion] left inside his body, the faint green color on the surface of his skin disappeared, and he also erased the miserable mental state from before and got his muscle meat to sturdy up. In addition to his physical strength, through the days and nights of hard training, he eve returned to the past pinnacle 2-star power. To be able to recover to the peak of his power within only a dozen days, it still mainly had to do with the strength he originally had. In the past, Cech was recognized to be number one among 2-stars in terms of defense with that air-tight horizontal lock-down sword style. Besides, he originally some talent in terms of leading an army, so Cech’s recovery means that Fei gained another talent that can lead an army on his own besides Brooke.

The prison official Oleg’s chubby body shuttled back and forth among the crowd.

As if affected by Cech’s naked body style, Mr. prison official also exposed his upper body, and whenever there are huge stones or steel that can’t be moved due to being too heavy, Oleg would jiggle his fat and laugh, and then personally join in to help, showing off the great power he gained after being transformed with the [Hulk Potion].

Just like Fei, this guy’s also a show off.

Whenever hearing the soldiers exclaiming and talking, Oleg would always look triumphant. Perhaps it’s also because of this kind of heart of vanity, his power still maintained at around 1 star, but his physical strength actually crazily grew into 2 stars, as if spending all the effect of the [Hulk Potion] onto his physical body’s transformation. Right now, Oleg even has a ferocious and sturdy scent, and even got a six-pack, completely changed the obnoxiously fat man image from half month ago.

Seeing from afar how this greedy and coward-like fatty actually became close with the soldiers and even got some respect from the veterans, Han was slightly surprised but also satisfied, that fat Oleg on his journey of the return of the prodigal, isn’t he running a bit too f**king fast? It’s like blowing a fart that blew all the dust away!

“King Alexander!”

“His Majesty!”

Seeing Fei’s arrival, the face of worshiping god emerged on all the soldiers’ faces, they all bowed and saluted. Fei walked very slowly and greeted them all with a smile. After days of contact, now he can accurately call out the names of every soldier. That’s also a small means of capturing the hearts of the soldiers. After all, when the young soldiers hear that His Majesty actually knew their name, they will always feel touched to the point their blood boils.

The demolition work at the water prison is still being carried out in an intense but orderly manner.

This time Fei brought back some second stage’s forging blueprints and gave it to the busy blacksmiths.

Among the 30 or something blacksmiths in Chambord city, the best one and also the most respected one is a middle-aged man named Samuel. His short black hair shoots up like needles and he’s usually pretty quiet, as stable as a boulder so people like calling him Rock. His personality is pretty dull, but he’s very loyal to friends and very kind, the type of typical rough man with a cold outside but warm heart.

On the edge of the hot iron stove, Samuel carefully looked at the drawings on beast skins that His Majesty gave to him, his eyebrows frowned tightly into a ball. He stopped the work in his hand and began thinking, he was sometimes surprised and sometimes confused, and the two facial expressions just kept alternating.

Seeing how interesting his face is, Fei couldn’t help but jumped in and explained those drawings one by one, and then also carefully reminded the detail problems that needs attention during the forging process. Samuel stayed silent, his talent is very high as a blacksmith, often capable of reaching enlightenment with just a brief pointer. After hearing to the end, his eyebrows finally relaxed, seemed like he finally realized what should be done and kept on nodding, “Your Majesty, please rest assured. These iron tools, we can build them within 10 days for sure.”

Fei smiled, “These days you guys have been really working. The time is tight and the task is heavy, if you guys have any requests in pay or accommodation, feel free to request it to Oleg and he will satisfy everyone.”

Upon hearing His Majesty’s generous promise, the blacksmiths cheered.

Fei carefully examined the whole underground cave, made slight adjustments to his design according to the actual situation, and then he summoned Cech and Oleg to his side and walked towards the king’s palace hall that was already set up in the giant stone hall.

He has something to say to both of them.

But, when Fei walked past the iron stove he suddenly got another idea.

In fact, Samuel and the other blacksmiths in the Chambord city are forging some large-scale heavy equipment, a bit simple, easier to forge, but for those small gears, screws, and other small fine and difficult parts, Fei gave them to the female blacksmith Charsi in the Diablo world, and that shouldn’t be a problem. When the time comes he just have to think of a way to exchange these items out of the Diablo world.

But exchanging items out of the Diablo world is too costly, needing a lot of gold coins. If he can do something for Charsi and Elena to come to the real world, then it will all be good. That will not only save a significant amount of exchange fee, Fei can also let Rock Samuel follow Charsi and learn some superb forging skills. For the current Chambord city, skilled craftsmen are what’s most needed after skilled warriors, so it’s best to let big chest girl Charsi to train a group of talents in this field as soon as possible.

This idea flew past in Fei’s mind and it made him instantly thought of a lot of other things, deciding to actually try out this plan in the near future.

The three men came to a comfortable stone chamber inside the cave, and that’s the temporary palace for His Majesty.

Fei took out another bottle of [Hulk Potion] and gave it Cech, let him follow the previous method to once again dilute it into clear water and let the soldiers unconsciously drink it.

These 100 soldiers are now the secret force of the Chambord city, after taking the potion during first stage, their bodies have been transformed almost to the point where they are ready for the second transformation. Unfortunately, people like Cech and Brooke, due to taking a large quantity in first dose, their potential have been completely revealed, so taking the [Hulk Potion] again won’t have any more effects. If Fei wants to enhance their strength further, he needs to think of other ways.

Cech held the [Hulk Potion] and was about to leave when Fei suddenly thought of something.

He suddenly stopped Cech, “Oh right, Peter, among those several blacksmiths, if there are loyal and reliable people, you can also let them take some of the diluted [Hulk Potion]. If their physical body strength gets increased to the same level of the soldiers, the forging tasks later on will also be completed quicker.”

With the look of pleasant surprise in Cech’s eyes, he bowed and left with the order.

There were only Fei and Oleg left in the hall.

Fei looked up and down on Oleg several times, and his eyes stopped at the 6-packs of this fat man for a second, checked him out until Oleg couldn’t stand straight anymore due to how uncomfortable it is to be checked out by another man, and then Fei finally nodded with satisfaction and said, “Very good, you are good, very good… Oleg, you are a wise man, you know what I’m talking about, right?”

Oleg nodded.

Of course he understands what the phrase “very good” of His Majesty is referring to.

Presently the power structure within the Chambord city has been re-established. The former commander-in-chief Bazel became a wanted fugitive offender of the country, and his accomplices have all been killed either under the hands of His Majesty himself or by the two giants Bast and Brooke. If you must say that one person escaped, it would be Oleg. His body is also deeply marked with a Bazel clan mark, and as one of the main evildoers he originally couldn’t escape punishment. But just because His Majesty remembers Oleg’s participation at the stone bridge war, the King used his personal prestige and saved his worthless life once. His Majesty always hoped that Oleg can be reformed and use actions to change how people used to look at him and seek their forgiveness and ultimately merge into the leading group at Chambord city. Otherwise, despite having His Majesty’s support, Oleg’s existence would always be a thorn, deeply rooted inside the core of power of Chambord city and potentially cause internal strife.

Oleg have long been understanding of King Alexander’s hard planning. He’s a smart fatty, at least he has his own way to manage relationships with people and naturally knows how to win the recognition of Brooke and the other good people. So during this period of time he tried very hard to do everything right, and he did indeed do a lot of good deeds which finally had an effect, helping him gain the recognition of most people in the Chambord city.

“Oleg thanks Your Majesty for the reform opportunity.”

Thought of all that, Oleg’s heart was full of affection.

This time this fat suck-up upright kneeled down to the ground for a standard bow, without gorgeous rhetoric, nor did he kiss Fei’s boots.

It is also at this moment, his found inner peace, finally understanding at that moment: only if a spine that’s always upright, solemnly bends down in front of His Majesty, can be regarded as true respect; on the contrary, a spine that can bend down any moment, bends down in front of his king, that wouldn’t be glory but an insult.

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