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Hail the King Chapter 920.1

Chapter 920: Terrifying Strength (Part One)


Fei snorted in anger, and the golden holy flames burned around him more aggressively.

A huge, mysterious cross that was more than 100 meters tall suddenly appeared from the flames. The golden flames flew around the cross in circles, making it look like a giant godly pillar. Instantly, godly murmurs sounded in the area, and the holy aura expanded outward with Fei at the center. Right now, it seemed like he was summoning something with his head lowered while chanting.

In the next moment, a series of horrifying shrieks sounded from not too far away. Under the illumination of the holy light, a vague shadow suddenly appeared in mid-air, and it started to blink like a shiny bubble while it struggled. It was that arrogant foreign master who got killed. This wasn’t his physical body but soul. Under the illumination, his soul was revealed, and it got sucked into the huge cross. In the end, the giant cross melted his soul, turning it into a pure streak of energy before spreading it onto the soldiers in the campsite of Chambord like the shower in spring.

A series of gasps sounded. The Chambordians who had been severely injured by the mysterious master’s suffocating pressure suddenly felt that a vast streak of life energy dashed into them alongside the holy power, and they instantly healed.

It was shocking! The huge cross turned the soul of that Moon-Class Elite into pure life energy before injecting it into the bodies of the injured people. This technique was shocking yet terrifying. The concept of reincarnation existed in this world. Even if they couldn’t reincarnate, people wished that their souls could rest in peace after they died. If that huge cross weren’t golden and didn’t have the holy aura around it, this technique could be interpreted to be aligned with the side of evil.

Paladin Skill – [Redemption].

This was a high-level defensive aura of the Paladin; it could use the souls of the enemies to help the Paladin and his teammates to restore life energy and mana.

Fei was no longer worried after he healed everyone.

The king looked up and sneered, not doing anything to the two godly-sword-like light beams that shot toward him from his opponent’s eyes.

When the light beams were about ten meters away from Fei, they suddenly paused. It didn’t matter how hard they tried to push forward; as if they met the toughest obstacles, they couldn’t move forward anymore.

“Tell me, Kid, who are you?” Fei slowly left the ground and floated toward the high sky

However, that mysterious person fixed his eyes onto Fei. As if his eyes were shooting out beams of flames, the sharp murderous spirit wasn’t hidden at all. At the same time, a layer of light-golden curved shield gradually showed itself; it was this barrier that blocked out the godly-sword-like stares.

Even though the stare of this mysterious master grew more intense, and the light beams created a series of ripples on the barrier, they couldn’t get any closer to Fei.

Paladin Skill – [Defiance]

This scene was magnificent.

These two people’s techniques went beyond the understanding and comprehension of ordinary warriors. To many people, this was a battle between gods. It was similar to the fascinating and legendary scenes that should only exist in traveling poets’ stories.

Finally, Fei elevated high enough and stood at the same height as that mysterious master.

“Not bad, you can defend my [Eyes of Murder] which I cast at 50 percent of my power. King of Chambord, you aren’t as bad as I expected, and you can barely get into the list of young lords; you should be proud!” This mysterious master sounded haughty and arrogant as if he were the love child of the god who created the world. He continued, “It seems like I didn’t come to the Northern Region for nothing. If your performance in the next while still doesn’t disappoint me, you will be qualified to know my name.”

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  1. hijichikan

    Yuck! 50% made him so confident mc isn’t even using his main class or full paladin power, roll please

  2. Fimbulwinter

    I guess people are not scared of attacking people from the holy church anymore?
    After all Fei is known as a gods favorite child and Bishop and is fighting with holy power. I guess that doesn’t deter people anymore :p

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