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Hail the King Chapter 920.3

Chapter 920: Terrifying Strength (Part Three)

This man’s movements were smooth and ethereal, going above the limit of speed that ordinary people’s eyes could catch.

However, it didn’t matter how fast he was; dodging had some impact on his tempo and combat rhythm.

To young lords like Fei, such negligible impact was a huge opportunity.

As soon as the mysterious master stopped flashing, Fei already appeared in front of him.

The two of them looked like their faces were touching. More strangely, it seemed like the mysterious master tried to collide with Fei.

At the same time, Fei’s attack was completed. With the Redemption Caduceus and the Honor Shield in hand, he completed the signature move of the Paladin.

The mysterious master wanted to dodge using the same technique, but he was shocked. Then, he was hit and got knocked back.

In the next moment, he couldn’t stay ethereal and dashing anymore. Like a ballroom dancer who got a stick jammed up his butt, his body shivered, and he flew back, falling into the golden sea of lightning bolts that hadn’t completely disappeared yet.

Fei’s series of movements and skills were put together meticulously. With movements and skills connecting perfectly, the mysterious master was taken by surprise.

The last skill that Fei used was Paladin Skill – [Charge].

It allowed the Paladin to dash into the battlefield and strike the opponent without missing while ignoring all armor. This was why the mysterious master looked shocked; he realized that he couldn’t dodge when he was about to, and this was beyond his understanding.

With one skill connecting, Fei struck the mysterious master repeatedly. The Chambordians and Alanians who were intensely watching the battle on the ground heaved sighs of relief, and they cheered in excitement.

Those dozens of foreign masters were shocked; this was their first time seeing their invincible and mighty master getting knocked away. Even that murderous god in their empire wasn’t able to put their master in such a passive situation.

However, Fei didn’t look that smug in the air.

He could tell that his attacks didn’t injure his opponent that much.

Also, the golden sea of lightning bolts also drastically disappeared, and it seemed like it got devoured by something. The level of threat that his opponent brought him didn’t decrease. Instead, the threat increased rapidly.

Even though Fei was standing far away from his opponent, he still felt like chilly needles were poking his skin and causing pain.

His opponent’s aura didn’t drop but skyrocketed.

The real battle was about to occur.

Fei didn’t continue chasing. Instead, he concentrated and used many skills of the Paladin, increasing his armor and all kinds of resistances.

This was the king’s first time battling a top-tier master as a Paladin. Although he accumulated a lot of experience in Diablo World, he didn’t dare to be overconfident and wanted to be safe. He couldn’t always rely on his Barbarian character, so he had to battle using other characters. That was the only way that he could master all seven classes and reach another level.

However, this battle appeared out of nowhere.

Fei wasn’t sure where this powerful yet brain-damaged master came from.

The king got a quick update on what happened in the city, and he was angry. From this mysterious master’s temperament and his dozens of Moon-Class followers, the king was sure that he was also a young lord.

Technically speaking, this was Fei’s first-time fighting a young lord.

While Fei pondered, loud noises rumbled, and the golden sea of lightning bolts exploded. The holy power disintegrated in the air, and the mysterious master walked forward with an indescribable, angry expression with blue energy flames burning around him while ocean-wave-like noises sounded.

Now, he unleashed his full strength.

While he walked in the air, it seemed like a dragon was walking on a small ship. The entire space shook because of him!

Every time he stepped forward, spider-web-like black cracks would appear in space under his feet before quickly recovering! The space shattered under his feet!

Such a terrifying power.

It felt like this mysterious master was beyond the mortal world, and even the space of this world wasn’t qualified to contain him.

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  1. Oh~ Ichigo Unleashed his Bankai? ahahahaha 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^

  2. koynzel

    I just find it a little annoying that an overpower full enemy came from out of nowhere just like that and that Fei struggle that much.
    Fei is presented as an Overcheated character but each time an opponent more powerful than him appear and give him a big hurdle. It’s begin to be a little ridiculous a this point when you think that sun Lord are really rare in the lore but at this point of the story a lot already show up and its seem that all the opponents of Fei will be sun Lord from now it’s ridiculous I think.

  3. Abastika


  4. Goldenzeal

    Well i mean yeah sun lords are rare, you have to consider how many nobody’s there are compared to the rest.
    If you look back over the story there are army commanders who are just bellow or around Moon class. But again, this is from a low tier area.
    The areas where the big boys are there likely have more people who are moon class simply because those areas are richer then the rest and have more resorces, but regardless….

    the biggest factor here is simply the ungodly amount of pride the sun lords have.
    The reason he came all this way was just becouse a nobody from a hillbilly area off the world is being called the same tittle as him.
    So he wants to put him in his place as he belives no one from that part of the world could get to his level, likelly becouse the resorces needed to do so.
    people are not always logical and the people of this world even less so.
    Here might makes right in most cases, tricks and schemes are for low class people and peasants so why bother when you can just slap the ground they walk on and kill everything in a miles radius ?

    TL:DR the guy just wanted to but Fei down because the people started calling him a young lord. Same as he and he did not think he was worthy off it out of pride and stupidity.

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