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Hail the King Chapter 921.1

Chapter 921: Strangeness and the Passive Situation (Part One)

“Hillbilly, you have really angered me. Seriously angered me! Haha! Now, start praying!”

After being knocked away by Fei’s shield strike, this mysterious master fell into an uncontrollable rage. His voice resonated in the region, making the sky and ground shake.

When he spoke, visible sound waves dashed out of his mouth and expanded in all directions, creating transparent ripples through the area and making it look like the surface of the lake that was fluttered by the wind.

Even Fei was a little concerned about this master’s strength, let alone other Sun-Class Lords. If they were here in Fei’s place, they wouldn’t be able to bear anything. Their bodies would have been shattered into dust by the soundwaves by now.

“It is clear that this guy suppressed his strength. Right now, his strength level… is extremely close to the Demi-God Realm. I wonder if he has comprehended the power of realms,” Fei thought to himself, and he also noticed something that he overlooked before.

As a lightbulb went off in his head, he frowned as murderous spirit flashed in his eyes. He asked in a deep voice, “Are you an Ormondian?”

This mysterious master used his native language in rage; his roars earlier were in the Ormondian language.

“Of course! My name is Reus!” the mysterious master said while emphasizing each word, “You now know my name. However, the price you have to pay is… death!”

“He is Reus!”

This man’s information instantly appeared in Fei’s head. From the intelligence reports that the [Letter Office] gathered, Fei learned that Reus was a talented genius of the Ormond Empire. Together with Prince Götze of Ormond, they were known as Dual Geniuses of Ormond. Both these men were young lords who were recognized by all the forces on the continent.

In the Southern Region of Azeroth, level 9 Bayern Empire that had dominated over the region for many years was defeated in multiple fronts, and it was heard that Reus and Götze of Ormond were the main reasons.

According to the reports, Reus was a wind-elemental genius warrior, and he had reached peak Burning Sun Realm many years ago. Now, no one knew what level he was on.

“So, you are a member of the Ormond Empire? This is great! You appeared in front of me without me looking! Now, it would be perfect if I take the blood of a young lord of Ormond as revenge for the death of my Chambordian citizens.”

Fei licked his lips and looked eager for battle.

When Prince Xanchua of Ormond ordered his giant Xuan’ge to attack Chambord City, it resulted in huge casualty for Chambord. That incident negatively impacted more than 100 families. Although Prince Xanchua, the perpetrator, was executed, Chambordians still remembered the pain that the Ormond Empire brought to them; this grudge stuck in the hearts of Chambordians like a thorn.

Since Fei had been busy, he didn’t have time to deal with it. But now, Reus came to provoke him, so Fei was planning to use this opportunity to teach the Ormondians a hard lesson.

At this thought, Fei grew murderous as well.

“Great! I will take care of the revenge for Prince Xanchua and Prince Gundogan today!”

As soon as Reus said that, he appeared right in front of Fei in a flash.

At that moment, he punched out many times. It was so fast that ordinary people couldn’t even see his fists move.

Feeling like a wind was blowing by, Fei only had time to lift the shield in his hand. Then, he was sent flying back, and the dense punching noises sounded afterward.

“So fast!” Fei was a little surprised.

Out of the seven classes in Diablo World, the Paladin character followed the path of powerful attack with lacked agility. Therefore, facing Reus who was a wind-elemental warrior that focused on agility and speed, Fei’s Paladin character was at a disadvantage.

All of this was within Fei’s expectation. Even though this was the case, Fei was still shocked by Reus’ speed.

While Fei was still falling from the sky, Reus already caught up and appeared in front of the king again.

Many green energy fists flew down like meteorites, repeatedly striking Fei. On the surface, it seemed like Fei was a passive punching bag. He was knocked back by his opponent continuously, and he fell into his opponent’s battle rhythm, unable to adjust and reset.

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