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Hail the King Chapter 921.2

Chapter 921: Strangeness and the Passive Situation (Part Two)

Reus’ control of his own fists was very sharp; not even the tiniest bit of energy was spilled. He instantly punched out tens of thousands of times, and each punch accurately hit Fei’s body; no energy was wasted.

To the people who were watching the battle on the ground, Reus’ control saved their lives. If any bit of Reus’ strength was sent to the ground, half of Dixie City would have collapsed, and more than half of Alanians would have died in this incident.

However, it seemed like no one noticed that now. Everyone on the ground looked up and paid close attention to the god-level battle that was happening in the sky. Right now, Human Emperor Alexander of the North was in a passive situation, and all the soldiers of Chambord and Alanians watched the battle with their hearts in their throats.

Unfortunately, this battle was too quick. The scenes that the people on the ground caught happened four to five seconds ago.

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The only person on the ground who could barely catch up with the battle in the sky was Undead Mage Hazel Bank. This elder of the [Undead Godly Palace], who used to be far more powerful than Fei, didn’t even have time to admit that these two masters of the younger generation had surpassed him. Right now, he was thinking to himself, trying to figure out one thing.

“Why is this happening? Theoretically, even if Alexander is slower compared to Reus, he shouldn’t be in such a passive state. What is he waiting for?”

Hazel Bank found that Fei’s combat style was completely different from before. Instead of the wild, violent, and destructive combat style from before, Fei’s aura was holy and righteous, looking like a young god.

“Why is this happening? If I didn’t know that he is Alexander, I would think that he is a different person after sensing his aura after closing my eyes. Although he showcased the [God’s Favorite Child]’s aura, it was far weaker than this; it is like comparing small stars to the bright moon in the dark… This young man is mysterious. Although Reus is a famous young lord on the continent, and he is talented, he is going to have a hard time suppressing Alexander.”

After thinking about that, the Undead Mage wasn’t that worried about the man who was being chased in the sky and beaten like a punching bag.

“Hahaha! Is this all your strength? How can you be a young lord and be on the same level as me? Hahaha! What a joke!” Reus laughed hysterically, and a wicked expression appeared on his handsome face.

This young man seemed to have two personalities. He was cold and arrogant in most cases, but he was violent and crazy like a mad dragon when in battle.

While he spoke, many green energy fists dashed out of Reus’ shoulders. Since this young lord punched out so fast, it was hard to tell his arms apart from his shoulders, and the trajectories of his fists couldn’t be detected. Therefore, it seemed like his arms disappeared, and the energy fists flew out of his shoulders. It was tough to dodge his attacks.

“Hahahaha! What a poor hillbilly! I will completely obliterate you in front of your believers, putting an end to your pathetic life! Hahaha! How can a garbage like you be a young lord like me?”

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Many energy fists flew toward Fei like raindrops in a storm, completely enveloping the king. In the end, the energy fists dashed at Fei from all directions, and Reus’ crazy and wicked laughter also sounded from all directions.

“Hahaha! Why aren’t you fighting back? You are way too slow! How does it feel to get beaten? Does it hurt? Hahaha! Cry if you feel the pain!”

“Hahaha! I’m only using 70 percent of my strength, yet you can’t even fight back! Don’t disappoint me! I thought that I found an interesting toy, but who knew that you are so useless! You are no different from other masters who were famous but got destroyed by me!”

“Since you can’t make me feel any excitement, then die, trash toy!”

It seemed like Reus fell into an extremely violent state.

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