Chapter 922: Real Strength (Part One)

The real battle only began less than ten minutes ago, yet Fei had been punched more than 10,000 times. Blood spilled out, looking like blooming bloodflowers. Also, the king was pushed back repeatedly.

One retreating and one chasing, the two of them turned into two beams of light and dashed around in the sky, leaving many chaotic and messy afterimages in the clear blue sky. It was clear that Reus wanted to make Fei look bad in front of everyone who admired and worshipped him, so he made sure that the battlefield was above Dixie City.

“Hahaha! That is enough! Is this everything you have?”

“You sure disappoint me. I’m already growing annoyed with a trash toy like you. Game over! Now, let me take you out of this world!”

Reus seemed to have lost interest in this battle.

This man’s movement slowed down for a moment; it looked like he was about to unleash an ultimate strike. At this second, Fei’s eyes could finally capture Reus’ fists and arms.

The green flames on Reus’ fists gradually condensed, extending outward like vicious icicles. All his hands were covered, including most of his forearms.

As Reus clenched his hands and formed fists, an even sharper and pointier green spike grew out. With a metallic texture, it seemed like the weapon of the Grim Reaper, instantly making Fei sense imminent danger as if a sharp blade were pressing on his back.

As soon as Fei saw this, he was hit before he could even try to dodge.

An indescribable streak of sharp energy penetrated the [Honor Shield] in Fei’s hand, instantly dashing into Fei’s arm and reaching his shoulder. Next, it traveled through the blood vessels inside Fei’s body and harmed his internal organs. As if an invisible explosion went off in Fei’s body, all the weak organs on the inside shattered.

“Egh… puff!”

Fei raised his head and spat out a mouthful of blood. Mixed in with the blood were broken pieces of organs.

In the next moment, blood flowed out of Fei’s eyes, nose, ears, and mouth without stopping.

A streak of violent wind-elemental energy continued to explode inside Fei’s body, damaging it further.

On the ground, the warriors who saw this scene gasped in shock.

Inside the campsite of Chambord, [Son of Wind] Torres was about to drop everything and dash into the sky, but he was instantly pulled back by the Undead Mage beside him. Hazel Bank shook his head and told Torres not to worry for now and observe for a bit longer.

“Game over!” Reus made the judgment.

He didn’t continue to chase. Seeing Fei who was staggering in the air and about to fall off, unhidden disdain appeared in Reus’ eyes. The violent energy slowly dispersed from his body, and he said while shaking his head in disappointment, “Unfortunately, I thought that you, the Human Emperor of the North, could give me a pleasant surprise. Now, it seems like a character like you doesn’t deserve my attention. You are meant to be the stepping stone for the real geniuses who are on the path to the realm of gods. Your story ends here!”

“It is still too early to end. Hahaha… Eh, puff!” Fei raised his head and laughed. Since he used too much force, he spat out another mouthful of blood that was mixed with chunks of his internal organs. After a short pause, he laughed slowly and said, “Really? Do you want to put an end to my legend? Your strength is far from enough!”

“Huh?” A strange light flashed in Reus’ eyes, and he mocked, “What, Poor Bug. Do you still have the strength to fight back? With such severe injuries, you can’t even defeat the energy in my finger.”

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