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Hail the King Chapter 922.4

Chapter 922: Real Strength (Part Four)

Most importantly, he was experiencing what he put his opponent through.

After he thought back on his life, he felt even more ashamed. Even Young Lord Cruz of the level 9 Bayern Munich Empire who was known as the [Heart of Munich] was defeated by him fair and square. He felt invincible at that moment!

Reus had been through hundreds of battles of various degrees, and he had seen all kinds of opponents. Today, he was put into the worst situation that he had ever been in. Even one of his teeth got knocked out!

He had never been shamed like this.

“I master more than just self-heal. What do you think of my ice-elemental power? Isn’t your speed fast? Why can’t you dodge my slow punches?” Fei punched Reus’ face one strike after another in a strange speed.

It seemed like the king was very interested in this face.

“You… are… how… did…” Reus couldn’t understand why.

“Hahaha! Every time you punched me earlier, you took a trace of ice-elemental energy from Daddy’s body. Calculate yourself! How many punches did you land on me? Do you really think that I couldn’t see your fists and dodge them? You are an idiot! I let you hit me on purpose!”

“King of Chambord! You… unforgivable!”

Under the bodily and spiritual shame, Reus who was roaring finally exploded. Roars shot out of his throats like the lava from Hell, and streaks of powerful energy leaked from his body. It seemed like a seal was broken, and energy was flooding out like water in an opened dam. Instantly, green energy flames dashed in all directions.

Fei who was chasing Reus and beating the latter suddenly sensed a huge amount of danger.

He knew that something was wrong, and his immense experience allowed him to make the correct decision. He continued to back off, and a huge pressure pushed onto him, knocking him away like a bullet that just left a gun. Without control, he flew back for hundreds of meters!

This force was so dominating that even though Fei predicted it and moved beforehand, he was negatively affected. His internal organs changed positions, and a bloody yet sweet taste rushed into his mouth; he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

At the same time, cracking noises sounded from his body; many of his bones broke.

Without hesitation, Fei switched back to the Paladin and used [Prayer]. Under the power of the holy light rings, he was instantly healed.

In the next moment, a green energy storm rapidly expanded like the radiation of a nuclear bomb. Although Dixie City was still thousands of meters below, it was impacted. As if a tornado blew by, trees and tiles were blown into the air, and some people were sucked into the sky while screaming.

-In the sky-

Reus looked like a ragged doll that was stained in blood.

He stood in the sky and looked at his broken body. Many bones were showing, and his flesh was torn apart. While observing his body, anger shot out of his eyes like blades.

Eye-piercing green flames danced around him.

Crackling noises sounded from him; the terrifying energy of the Barbarian that Fei injected into Reus was causing explosions. However, it was useless. Right now, Reus’ broken body was recovering at a visible speed. It wasn’t less mystical compared to Fei when he used [Prayer].

Of course, Reus didn’t obtain a skill like [Prayer]. In fact, he wasn’t using any techniques.

The reason why he was healing so fast was…

Fei thought of one possibility.

“Damn toy! You made me angry! Do you think this is the end of it? No! I will tear you up! Come on! Pray! Have a good taste of my strength!”

A terrifying level of energy that never appeared in this battle slowly oozed out of Reus’ body.

Fei’s pupils contracted as he thought, “Damn it! WTF? You are joking. Demi… Demi-God?”

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  1. OG

    Oh whoops. Better stop so I might have some for tomorrow.

    He’s got to die once right? Or is that when he wakes up at uni?

  2. LadyRedHood

    Don’t you dare kill fei! 😠 If he dies I’ll stop reading, I swear I will 😭😭😭

  3. Rissay Ibrahimi

    Weren t Demi-gods supposed to be very ultra rare???? Now they are dropping left and right

    • Danz Ichikiwa

      If that dude is a real demigod than im done with this LN.

      • LOL, it is pretty clear that he is.

        • redjack

          Is actually pretty logical if you think about it just because they’re rare in one region doesn’t necessarily mean the superpowers don’t have them The more resources they have the more likely They will have many people who are strong enough to reach higher levels And if you think about it more logically what empire with Tell everyone what kind of power they actually have behind them Especially level 8-9 empires They’re fighting on a whole different scale And the geniuses in this world seem to have a better Talent then previous generation

          I’m just saying you can’t make it ridiculous just because a character shows up Especially noticing how prideful and crazy some stronger characters are

  4. TheClosen

    Ok, this is getting ridiculous. I’m fine with him being a peak Sun Realm, but now a Demi-god? Seriously?
    Btw, thanks for the translation.

  5. What happened to Demi gods being rare more to the point of he wanted a challenge why wouldnt he go after yashin

    • Ejaz Ahmed

      my friend you are reading a fkin chinese novel when did this kind of events not happened in other novel. these r just filler chapters any way so don’t bother getting angry you can’t change the outcome anyway.

  6. Fimbulwinter

    Of course he’s a f-----g demi god…

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