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Hail the King Chapter 925.1

Chapter 925: A Respectable Opponent (Part One)

[TL Note: This is a 2-in-1 chapter.]

The [Throne of Destruction] was a small map that only appeared when Fei did the last quest on the last big map in Diablo World. It was a huge underground space, and it had the unique and powerful suppression of Hell power, completely different from the outside world. Therefore, the person who had control over the [Throne of Destruction] would be able to shift the laws in this space, borrowing the power of the laws to suppress their enemies.

When Fei tried to pass through the [Throne of Destruction], that battle was fierce and challenging, and he earned this map as one of the rewards. From that point on, the [Throne of Destruction] became one of his Sun-Class Anomalies. During the battle with Reus today, Fei used the [Throne of Destruction] which was the most wicked out of all his Sun-Class Anomalies. Just as he expected, this place gradually suppressed Reus who was a demi-god.

The air inside the [Throne of Destruction] was red, and it contained fragmented godly power. As the owner of the [Throne of Destruction], Fei could control these godly power fragments and create a thick membrane around him, using the power of the [Throne of Destruction] to fight with Reus’ Green Light Realm. Finally, he blocked that terrifying law of extermination outside his body.

To a certain degree, the [Throne of Destruction] had surpassed the level of a Sun-Class Anomaly and is more like a realm.

This was the only reason why Fei was able to battle with this terrifying opponent at such close range.

Mephisto was one of the helpers that Fei got by summoning it from its soulstone. After Fei completed the quest in Diablo World, he didn’t crush the soulstone that contained Mephisto’s core energy as the quest had asked. Instead, he kept it and stored it in his storage ring.

From the information that he got from that cold and mysterious voice, as long as he had this soulstone, he could summon this lord of Hell to fight for him after paying golden coins from Diablo World. He could summon this lord of Hell as many times as he wanted, and he could control it completely.

In Fei’s original plan, even though [Lord of Hatred] Mephisto from Hell Mode didn’t have the power of the legendary gods, and its power was less than 0.1 percent compared to his prime, this creature had some fragmented godly power and should be able to defend against the law of extermination in Reus’ Green Light Realm. However, this demonic god didn’t bring back pride. Instead, it was crushed by Reus in a few strikes. This greatly disappointed Fei, and his rating of this demonic god dropped even lower.

The fierce battle continued.

As time passed by, Fei’s use of the [Throne of Destruction] got even more proficient; it seemed like this space was becoming one with him. The king could freely control and use the godly power of Hell in this place, and the [Throne of Destruction] increased Fei’s strength by many folds. Gradually, the king obtained an absolute advantage in this battle.


Fei used Assassin’s skill – [Tiger Strike]

When he punched out, a white energy tiger appeared on his arm, and its roars shook Reus’ mind.

Reus was taken by surprise, allowing Fei to strike the body of the green light sword. As he didn’t let go of the sword, Reus’ body was pulled back by the sword.


Fei followed Reus like his shadow and used the Assassin’s skill – [Dragon Claw]. With his fingers forming two claws, he clenched onto Reus’ shoulders. Then, Fei’s unique technique of exerting force made half of this demi-god’s body lose the ability to dodge.

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  1. Man… You used [Throne of Chaos] instead of [Throne of Destruction] for the entire first half of this part.

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