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Hail the King Chapter 925.4

Chapter 925: A Respectable Opponent (Part Four)

In the next moment, Reus’ corpse shattered and turned into bright green dust. While scattering in all directions, they created various images before quickly disappearing.

In these images, Fei vaguely saw the entire life of a cute blonde boy from being born to learning to battling to getting famous to dominating and to dying gloriously. The king saw this little boy named Reus carrying the hope of his family and the expectation of the empire. He had to ignore the desire for peace in his heart and battle. He killed many people, and his hands were stained by blood again and again. He also saw his brothers and comrades die in wars one after another. To get stronger and satisfy the empire, he had to cultivate for long periods again and again. When he finally came out, his beautiful and youthful lover turned into a grieving white-haired old lady, and his parents already lay inside their cold tombs.

Reus’ life was glorious yet tragic.

All of this happened in about six seconds. In a flash, these vague images told the life story of a young lord who dominated over a region. Then, the dense green light dots dispersed into the red air in the [Throne of Destruction].

Standing further away quietly, Fei suddenly felt very sad.

A powerful young lord who achieved the Demi-God Realm had fallen like this.

“From now on, I dictate my world!”

This sentence that Reus said before he shattered into dust resonated by Fei’s ear. Although this sentence wasn’t that convincing, it brought Fei a lot of shock when it came from a dying young lord.

Reus was a respectable opponent.

After a while, Fei finally felt that he was exhausted, and he slowly sat on a stone pillar that was laying on the ground. While exhaling, he summarized the gains and losses of this battle.

If he didn’t have the [Throne of Destruction], the secret weapon from Diablo World, and the [Scepter of Creation], his ultimate trump card, Reus would have killed him long ago. This battle was fierce, and Fei was a little scared when recalling it.

This was Fei’s first time battling a young lord. If other young lords were just as powerful as Reus, Fei being ranked last on the list of young lords was a fair representation.

Overall, Reus was unlucky.

With his demi-godly strength, he could easily crush any other Sun-Class Lords; the Sun-Class Anomaly could never lock down a master who controlled a realm. Unfortunately for Reus, Fei’s [Throne of Destruction] could ignore all level differences, and it swallowed Reus when he was stunned by the power in Fei’s [Scepter of Creation].

With fragmented godly power inside it, even though the [Throne of Destruction] couldn’t count as a counter for realms, it wasn’t afraid of realms. Reus was locked inside this space, and his strength was suppressed by the laws of power here which was completely different from the outside world. He battled Mephisto and Fei consecutively, and his energy wasn’t replenished. After a long while of energy expenditure, he was defeated by Fei and the [Throne of Destruction] together.

This entire process was full of coincidence and luck.

It could be said that Reus was really unlucky and meant to pass away here.

If Fei had to fight Reus again, he wasn’t sure if he would win. If any step went wrong or slightly deviated from the plan, Fei would be the person who saw the Grim Reaper.

The good thing was that Fei was greatly rewarded after the battle.

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  2. Fimbulwinter

    Makes me wonder whether Angela will become something god like eventually. I mean Elena is already on her way to become a demi god etc most likely, so she should be able to live with Fei forever, but even though Angela has the purest soul, she hasn’t cultivated, so her life span should still be ordinary. Hopefully Angela gets some god tier powers and life span too :’)

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